EN: Assure that all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use; Check for ripped seams, torn straps or fabric and damaged fasteners before each use; Stop using the carrier if parts are missing or damaged.

The carrier is intended for carrying only one child at the time. Always monitor your child while in use. For low birth weight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product; Premature infants, infants with respiratory problems, and infants under 4 months are at the greatest risk of suffocation.

Ensure the proper placement of the child in the baby carrier, as instructed; Never use a baby carrier if your balance or mobility is impaired in any way. Note that your movement and the baby’s movement may affect your balance. Take care when bending and leaning forwards or sideways; The carrier should be aware of the increased risk of the baby falling out
of the carrier as it becomes more active.

Never use a baby carrier while engaging in activities that involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals, sport e.g. running, cycling, swimming, skiing or risky activities; Do not use it in the car, while driving or as a passenger; Never unbuckle the waist belt while your child is in the carrier.
Keep the sling away from children when it is not in use.

RO: Verificati inainte de fi ecare utilizare integritatea tuturor elementelor marsupiul: catarame, velcro, chingi, material precum si ajustarile; Nu mai folositi marsupiul daca observati nereguli. Monitorizati in permanenta copilul in timpul folosirii marsupiului.

Marsupiul este destinat purtarii unui singur copil. Pentru copiii cu conditii medicale speciale cereti sfatul medicului inainte de utilizarea produsului. Copiii prematuri si cei cu probleme respiratorii, precum si copiii sub 4 luni pot prezenta un risc mare de sufocare.

Asigurati-va ca ati pus copilul corect in marsupiu, conform instructiunilor. Nu utilizati marsupiul cand mobilitatea si echilibrul va sunt afectate. Tineti cont ca miscarea dvs si a copilului va pot afecta echilibrul. Nu folositi marsupiul atunci cand sunteti implicati in activitati sportive (ex. ski, ciclism, alergat), cu sursa de caldura sau chimicale ori activitati riscante.

Nu utilizati marsupiul in masina, ca sofer sau pasager. Nu deschideti niciodata centura din talie cand copilul se afla in marsupiu. Aveti grija cand va aplecati in fata sau in lateral. Copilul este in risc de cadere pe masura ce se misca tot mai puternic. Tineti marsupiul departe de copii atunci cand nu este folosit.



EN: ISARA allows you to carry your baby in 3 different vertical positions: front carry, back carry and hip carry, with the baby always facing you.

RO: ISARA permite purtarea bebelusului in 3 tipuri de pozitii verticale: in fata, in spate si pe sold, bebelusul fi ind mereu orientat cu fata catre purtator.

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