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ISARA Demo Doll

Price lei723.00

ISARA Demo Doll was specially designed for babywearing classes, workshops, babywearing consultants, wrap, ring sling and baby carrier demonstrations and many other purposes when the use of a doll is necessary.

Our doll is shaped and weighted to mimic a newborn with a weight of 3 kg. Our Babywearing Demo Doll makes the perfect teaching and learning tools for babywearing educators, trainees, training institutes, and specialized babywearing shops, as it can withstand long hours of demonstrations without any fuss!

The ISARA Demo Doll is hand-crafted, just like a masterpiece, made of natural materials, sand, wood and organic woven fabric. Every single feature has been stitched by hand, providing a head to toe a velvety, cuddly texture, comfortable and safe for everyone to hold or carry during training sessions.

*Availability. Order your own ISARA Demo Doll 2 weeks prior* to the date needed.

*Please note that our ISARA Demo Dolls are handmade and the manufacturing process may  take up to 4 weeks, based on the number of orders. If delivery time is longer due to large orders, then you will be informed by email upon the situation.

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