Our brand is based on a few core beliefs. At the heart of those beliefs is the focus on environmentally friendly and premium materials and fabrics. We are an honest, clean brand that believes in sustainable packaging and chemical-free, naturally sourced fabrics.

ISARA baby carriers are available in 4 types of fabrics: classic cotton, organic cotton, bamboo and linen.

Taking care of our environment is part of our life. Here at ISARA recycling has become a lifestyle. We always encourage our colleagues and friends to recycle everything, from paper to plastic or glass. Also, purchasing things that are not harmful for the environment and their fabrication process does not involve chemicals has always been extremely important to us!

Using only high-quality materials was our priority. A large amount of investment was made in finding the best quality materials, from fabrics to the buckles and straps. The buckles and velcros of the carriers are supplied by the world’s most prestigious brands, recognized even in the automotive industry for reliability and endurance. Additional elastic bands were added for more safety, memory foam for your comfort, and the webbing was specially woven for us and does not unravel.

All ISARA organic cotton products are GOTS certified! The cotton is not treated with pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers and does not contain heavy metals or formaldehydes, making fabrics safe for babies. As well, the linen is 100% organic, OEKO-TEX certified, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly through all the fabrication process.

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