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ISARA winter cover. Keeps you warm. They're stylish. Irreplaceable.

ISARA Winter Clever Cover Pine Green

Price lei339.00

ISARA Winter Clever Cover PINE GREEN color represents longevity, endurance and resilience - it is the one color that brings color to winter landscapes when all other nature's colors are asleep.

Equipped with a SMART technology, ISARA Winter Clever Covers were created to reach their full dynamic potential, adapting to every need and gripping preference a parent might have. The SMART functionality lets the parent decide how to wear it with 4 WAY gripping possibilities and extended versatility.  

The ONE SIZE FITS ALL Winter Clever Cover design - that fits all carriers, type of carries and wearers - is completed by the aesthetic appeal and elegance. The WINDPROOF ( 1000 mm/H2O) and WATERPROOF (3000 g/m2/24h) ISARA Winter Clever Covers are made of a latest generation premium softshell fabric, with a cozy and fluffy fleece inner lining.

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