I love autumn, it`s my favorite season. It might be due to the fact that it is the perfect balance between cold and warm weather and it`s the greatest time to take long walks and trips.

Though summer seems to be the season when most children, whether they`re little babies or toddlers, enjoy walking, running, and exploring, the autumn will allow them to see the world right from their parents’ arms through babywearing.

Benefits are in, both for the mothers and the babies: long walks and fresh air can improve the immune system and help mothers avoid the possibility of getting depressed.

While most of us are running away from the rain, babies will better begin to acknowledge nature if carried by their parents. Umbrellas are life-saving for the babywearing parent, but a rain COVER means extra protection for a baby in a carrier.

We`re so much used to associating summer with the holiday, that autumn is always looked upon with sadness and melancholy.

Babywearing during autumn with all the pretty accessories will definitely put a different color on it.