In the past 11 years (yes, ELEVEN) since ISARA is on the market, we’ve come across many parents convinced by the fact that their baby hates the baby carrier they’ve spent money on, as they’re always fussy while babywearing. That is common. In fact, that is very common. And yes, there may be babies who do not like to be carried in a baby carrier, but that’s not the case for each and every crying baby! 

To make sure that’s not the case, especially since babywearing comes with so many benefits, both for the parents and the baby, here’s what to try:

First of all, don’t give up! Do not return the carrier right away, give yourself time. It is a new experience for both of you!

Focus on your state of mind, make sure you are relaxed, hydrated and ready to start over. At the same time, before giving it another try, assure that your little one is well fed, there are no sore tummies to be comforted, the diaper is clean and dry and there are no intrusive stimuli nearby ( loud noises, lights or intensive activity that might distract and fuss the baby).

Make sure you are informed on how to adjust the carrier correctly for your child’s age, read the booklet for safety checks so that the matter of comfort and safety are no longer on your list and you won’t get into despair when something does not fit correctly or comfortably. It might sound crazy, but babies have a sixth sense of feeling when their parents’ blood pressure goes high and act like it! 🙂 Test your little one’s favorite being held positions. Based on its age, you may try all the 3 ergonomic hip healthy positions (front carry, hip carry and back carry), without a carrier, just to see how his body responds to each positioning. If you are the owner of one ISARA baby carrier, there are plenty babywearing tutorials for each design of baby carrier and each type of carry you or your baby might prefer.  Find them HERE. 

Take things slow on your first tries, try bonding while putting your baby in, your voice might comfort your little one just to feel safe enough to accept the carrier. Do not rush, walk through the house, look in the mirror, swing slowly until you find a pace. New experiences need their own rhythm, wait until you find your own. Invest time in a good first experience, build positive cognitive associations and once the confidence level has risen, the baby will ask to be carried!

If everything above is checked, but the experience is still how you imagine it should be, there are still things that might help you turn things for the better!

There are 2 things that you should take into consideration from here on: your child’s personality ( not everyone loves being cuddled all over) and working on your practice with the help of a babywearing consultant, thing that might be game-changing! 

We have met all types of baby personalities: Babies that loved being carried from day 1, but hated it once they learned how to walk; Babies who hated babywearing during the first month of life, but once they got more aware of the surroundings, enjoyed it more and more; Babies who hated babywearing as infants, but grew to love babywearing once they started walking and they got tired during walks… and of course! babies who loved babywearing from day 1 until … 8 years and beyond! yes, you’ve read it right, 8 years!

So take a breath, invest time in this experience, and good things will come along! If you’re on the edge of giving it up, don’t despair, maybe your little one’s babywearing time will come around 1 year of age, or later! Do write us, we can help you out with on-point little adjustments or maybe we can recommend you a babywearing consultant nearby to come help!

Keep going! This experience will make it all worth it!