– Instant precision, stylish look –

The perfect blend between structure and effortless aesthetics is captured in ISARA Quick Half Buckle Carrier Preschooler. The cutting edge baby carrier combines the Quick Adjustment System with an exquisite, captivating design, ready to wear in seconds, yet stylish and sleek.

There are 3 major points that makes this carrier UNIQUE: its innovative Quick Adjustment System, its seamless simplicity, designed foolproof for babywearing beginners. The built in QUICK adjustment system contributes to an overall visual appeal, enhancing a neat look.


Structured yet creative

This carrier is perfect for parents always on the move, who look for a carrier that enables them to make sure they adjusted the carrier just right, in seconds, without any fuss, empowering them to bring their creative babywearing vision into their life, quick and easy, attaining an effortless creative & stylish look to wear their preschooler child.

The partly padded woven straps do not require any adjustments that’s why they are extremely appreciated by those who find the under armpit closure uncomfortable or by those who love to get creative with woven wraps tying them in limitless ways, from the classic style to fancy finishes or pretty ribbons.

The partly padded broad woven fabric shoulder straps can be easily wrapped in a way that ensures comfort – widened across your shoulders to change the dynamic of your baby’s weight balance and wrapped around your baby in many ways for extra bottom support or a wider, deeper seat. The flexibility of the woven wrap straps is amazing, as they can be wrapped and knotted just like you and your baby need them, while still ensuring a perfect fit.
ISARA Quick Half Buckle Carrier Preschooler is created to comfortably wear your baby from early toddlerhood up to the end of preschool years, body size between 80 cm to 122 cm long.


The INNOVATIVE Quick Adjustment System #patentpending

The carrier is equipped with the 2 in 1 QUICK Adjustment System #patentpending, which is the latest innovation in terms of adjustments, ALL adjustments being made IN ONE SINGLE STEP, IN ONE SINGLE PLACE, on the waist belt.

The Quick Adjustment System #patentpending guides parents through every step of their baby’s development, for a more precise adjustment, with ease and quicker than ever!

How exactly? 

The 2-in-1 QUICK adjustment system offers micro-precise adjustment of the height and width of the panel, with easy-to-use velcro closures, in just one single place. The waist belt of the carrier has a built-in velcro band with three guiding positions, each of them colored differently, for ease of reference. These 3 settings serve as a guideline for adjusting the height and width of the baby carrier and it allows parents to perform micro-precise adjustments, depending on the baby’s current size. Each suggestive setting can be attached to both velcro strips, situated on the carrier’s back panel.

For example, for children between 80 and 92 cm it can be adjusted to the minimum setting, the red one, proceeding with yellow and blue as the baby grows. The Quick Adjustment System is versatile and can also be set up for a baby with a long torso (high panel, small seat) or why not, long legs ( small panel, wide seat – also a good setting if the baby prefers to keep its hands out of the carrier).

So yes, adjustments are quick and easy, ALL in ONE SINGLE STEP, without any fuss and much thinking, designed foolproof for babywearing beginners.


ISARA Quick Half Buckle Preschooler can be used with a connection belt, an optional universal accessory, suitable for most baby carriers on the market designed with straps.
Created having the Quick Half Buckle Carrier and the QuickTie in mind, where there are no connecting belts for the shoulder straps in the box, this accessory comes in need when you back carry or front carry with parallel shoulder straps, preventing them from slipping off the shoulders and assuring a secured fit.
Designed to fit most carriers on the market, it is adjustable and easy to put on. It is designed with 2 loops at each end, with a clip in the middle and a length adjustment system for an enhanced comfort.
It can be attached by passing each shoulder strap through each corresponding loop of the connection belt. After attaching it completely, you can slide it up and down until you reach the desired comfortable height. When you take off your baby carrier, you can leave the connection belt in position and just unclip it to release the shoulder straps.
Length between the loops: min. 8 cm – max. 58 cm
Compatibility: all ISARA baby carriers & most baby carriers on the market with a shoulder strap diameter under 9 cm.

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