The story


Ever since ISARA was launched on the market, more and more babywearing advocates and enthusiasts joined us in promoting the benefits of babywearing, Many of them volunteered not only to speak about advantages of babywearing but also introduce the innovative features that ISARA carriers have come up with along the time.

This is how the brand ambassador program was created. It was thought as a project in which people with babywearing experience could apply to, being offered an ISARA product. This product would be their testing and reviewing subject for a period. In this period the ambassadors would test the product that they had received, sharing afterwards their opinion with followers. Many of the ambassadors would use the carrier in their family with their own children, creating videos, photo albums, and tutorials on how to adjust and use the carrier.


The activity as a brand ambassador

Each chosen ambassador receives a brand new product from ISARA, which will be represented in posts over social media, describing the adventures they are going through while using it: daily routine, traveling, working from home or any other activity where a carrier has proven to be not only useful but also lifechanging.

With all the expansion babywearing has met lately, people are giving more importance to fabrics, technical qualities and varietey they could choose from. Having all the categories of ISARA carriers being tested and honestly reviewed by the ambassadors proved to be a great way of reaching to people who became very interested in our products. After all, what`s not to like in a perfectly adjustable carrier, made out of organic fabrics, mostly wrap conversions, that fit any child and any parent.

The most common question that we receive from the ambassadors is if they should represent our brand exclusively during this program. And our answer is always NO. Because we do believe that there is a place for everyone in this market and we know that there are many other great producers out there. That`s how much we trust our products and we believe that people would continue to appreciate the ISARA carriers exactly for their true value.


Benefits of being a brand ambassador

The most important and appreciated aspect of being an ambassador is that they get to test the newest of the products that we`re launching. The ambassador gets to keep the carrier after the program ends, and the collaboration could be continued with another round of ambassadorship with a new, different carrier. Plus, discounts are offered to them so that they could either use the discounts for themselves or share with their friends and families.


We have developed wonderful friendships with many of our brand ambassadors, because, apart from the weekly tasks they have to achieve, there were always cute, personal stories behind the scenes, and we always love to meet the family of each ambassador.

We share together thoughts and opinions and daily routines in our families, so basically we`re just like an extended family here, always ready to expand.



If you`re a babywearing enthusiast, curious to find out more about ISARA carriers and ready to be part of our family, you`re invited  to apply to our program – > Become a brand ambassador !