During 8-10th September 2022, Kind und Jugend, in Koln, Germany, took place the biggest fair for baby & children products. Back then in 2016 when we first participated, we loved it so much that we promised that we would come back each year! After 2 years of not keeping our promise, because of… you know what, it felt so good being back to normal chit-chats and getting to know people we’ve been talking online… since we met!

This won’t be a story about how successful it was. This post will be about the people we’ve met. This post will be about situations this adventure put us through, because let us tell you, adventure is the right term to use when it comes to this year’s fair trade!

our stand at Kind+Jugend

The adventure began with the first flight tickets, with sleepless nights thinking about whether our flight would be canceled or not. To thoughts about whether our luggage would be lost or not. To the worst-case scenario that because of the international context, we wouldn’t be able to find a truck to transport our stand to Koln. That because of all the custom – border delays, the truck wouldn’t make it on time for the fair’s opening… and while this almost happened, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Of course, the truck was late! We got pretty tensed; we did not have the direct number of the truck driver to know the exact location of it. We only had several hours to make sure we get the stand ready, on the 7th, because on the 8th, the first visitors would come in, and the truck was nowhere to be found. It was the typical situation when even though the stress level is over 100, there isn’t much that you can do to make it better. But we took that ride! We stopped worrying and decided to embrace the beauty that was unveiling before our eyes. The people, working together. The teams working as one. The same heartbeat that everyone was joining. So we got up and became part of other’s team, helping them build their stand, get to know them, their story, their journey, their road. And it actually became the best part of Kind+Jugend!

This was us!

ISARA x WWF collection

Later that day, our truck delivered our materials and building our stand went pretty smooth, not without ups and downs, but in the end, we managed to finish building it on time!

This year, the stars of the fair trade show were ISARA Preschooler and ISARA QuickTie! They would welcome you in, then you would become embraced by our ISARA x WWF collection that we were so happy to present along with its novelties, ISARA Majestic Ivory Forest and ISARA Majestic Green Forest!

ISARA Preschooler is one of our best-selling designs, adjusting from big to the biggest in seconds, steplessly, assuring an ergonomic comfortable position for the baby during every stage of development. Read more about it HERE!

ISARA QuickTie stunned with its beauty, as it is THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO A WOVEN WRAP. Everyone was impressed just how many fancy finished you can create with it and how comfortable it feels! Read more about it HERE!

The ISARA x WWF collection is the one collection that feeds our soul and represents our brand’s core values best. We took our first step into making our values and beliefs count in 2019, by joining World Wildlife Fund’s mission to support marine and wildlife conservation. We then launched our Protect the Planet Collection, focusing on critically endangered wildlife and marine species, currently on the edge of extinction due to pollution, climate change, overfishing, and habitat loss.

Ever since the launch of this collection in 2019, our commitment and sense of responsibility to use our voice to protect the planet for future generations, for a better, healthier future, has raised even more.

This year, ISARA Protect The Planet Collection’s mission opened its arms to embrace the majestic forests that cover our Planet, helping it breathe and live. Majestic Green Forest and Majestic Ivory Forest designs were created as part of our WWF Collaboration and joined the Protect the Planet Collection as a pledge to conserve the world’s forests and all the biodiversity that they are home to. They are not only the lungs that our children will breathe, they are our true and most important heritage for future generations, a heritage that vibrates on so many levels!

*7% of the proceeds from the sale of the Majestic Forest designs, part of the Protect the Planet will go to WWF.

We got featured in 2 magazines during the Fair, Childhood Business Magazine and Baby&Junior Brand News Magazine! It felt sooo good seeing our work illustrated! We actually have a highlight ( kind+jugend) on Instagram and you can see glimpses of it too! click HERE! 

All being said, we leave you with a short gallery of photos we’ve taken. Thank you all for being part of our this year’s Kind+Jugend journey! Hugs XO!