NEW ISARA X WWF  – Majestic Green Forest and Majestic Ivory Forest

*7% of the proceeds from the sale of the collection will go to WWF Romania.

The symphony that birds enrich our souls, the rustling of the leaves on a breezy day, the sparkle that the fireflies enlight in our heart, the impressive crowns of the trees perfectly sculpted in the sky as you look up high…

This is the majestic forest. The place where every sound, every sight and every step you take deeper into it makes you think of the greatness that our Planet is. Every inch of nature, out of human touch, is perfection. Leave it alone and it will become majestic.

Our Majestic Forest design, part of the Protect the Planet Collection, is a pledge to conserve the world’s forests and all the biodiversity that they are home to. They are not only the lungs that our children will breathe, they are our true and most important heritage for future generations, a heritage that vibrates on so many levels!

Some of our best memories from childhood are centered around trees. With roots deep into the ground, they watched us grow through laughter, fruit picking, hide and seek and swinging, from dusk till dawn. Our spiritual connection as humans with trees is much more than we’ll ever understand, but at a primary level of emotions you can experience its greatness – there’s no doubt that a shiver would pass through you body when you’ll climb your first tree, build your first tree house, pick your own fruits or simply pass through a forest and see its perfection. 

We took our first step into making our values and beliefs count in 2019, by joining WWF’s mission to support marine and wildlife conservation. We then launched our Protect the Planet Collection, focusing on critically endangered wildlife and marine species, currently on the edge of extinction due to pollution, climate change, overfishing, and habitat loss.  > 7% of the proceeds from the sale of the baby carrier will go to World Wildlife Fund Romania! 

Ever since, our commitment and sense of responsibility to use our voice to protect the planet for future generations, for a better, healthier future, has raised even more.

Today, ISARA Protect The Planet Collection’s mission is opening its arms to embrace the MAJESTIC FORESTS that cover our Planet, helping it breathe and live.

Majestic Green Forest and Majestic Ivory Forest are here, part of our WWF Collaboration,

*7% of the proceeds from the sale of the collection will go to WWF.

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“ I’ll always remember the old apricot tree from the back of my garden, where I used to climb all my toys to play with them for hours… I grew up around trees and was so lucky to have parents that cultivated my love for trees and nature from day 1.  My deep connection to mountains, trees and forests is rooted there, in my childhood memories. 

You can simply imagine how I felt when, a few years ago, my daughter asked me to do a forest track instead of a manicure during one of our first daughter-mother days. You know that parenting is an up and down ride, but those were the moments I first felt that I nailed parenting and felt so proud of having my kids so in love with nature, committed to establish a connection with it and preserving it as their true heritage.

To say that the ISARA Protect the Planet Collection is important to me would be an understatement. I never felt so involved in developing a collection than during this one. I never felt so connected to a design that to those that the entire Protect the Planet collection represents. 

The latest Majestic Forest new collection addition is a token of gratitude and appreciation to all my best childhood memories, to my parents and their huge love for trees and flowers that I am so proud to have inherited and my children as the liant that will pass this vibration to the next generation.”