Imagine taking care of a flower bud and watering it to see it bloom petal by petal into the most beautiful flower. Now take out your newly purchased woven wrap or sling. Look at it, it’s just like a flower bud, ready to bloom! We love this analogy and it somehow describes the loom to bloom process visually, equally beautifully and easy to understand.

Before and After – credit: Diana Has

First of all, you have to know that if you just purchased a woven wrap or a sling, before the first use, it is recommended to wash it ( if the manufacturer does not recommend otherwise).

This process is known as loom to bloom, and it sets the fibers in actually sets the fibers in place after the weaving process is over. Before starting, check the labels and follow the instructions for a safe wash and dry.

A loom state woven wrap / sling should not be tied before a washing, simply because the fibers can “move” and you’d never want to see gaps in the gaps in the fabric, right?

So what do you have to do? Take a photo of it, folded, just for fun. Wash it and dry it according to manufacturer’s instructions. Then, take another photo of it folded the same way, again, just for fun. Now compare the 2 photos, can you see how much it bloomed? Beautiful, isn’t it?

Congrats, now you wovens will live forever!

Featured: ISARA Woven Wrap Au Naturel, size 6 – organic cotton – pure linen blend.