Babywearing is bliss and parents enjoy its comfort, easiness, and freedom, for its true value. But what happens when another baby is on its way and the little one still needs to be in your arms? Is it safe? Is the same babywearing style appropriate for a mother after the belly is getting larger?

Firstly, and the most important thing to do in this situation is to discuss this matter with a professional, a doctor who can advise you properly.

Secondly, if the doctor approves that it`s safe for the mother and the mother really wishes to carry one child in her belly and one in the carrier, there are some babywearing styles that could make things easier during pregnancy.


A ring sling can offer a certain easiness in carrying because it can be placed on the hip and not directly on the belly, thus protecting it.


The classic woven wrap can be the perfect choice due to its various ways of tying. Back carrying is a preferred method, but there are alternatives for front carry that allow the pregnant mother to feel safe while babywearing.


Many mothers use to wrap their belly too during pregnancy as a way to support its heaviness and also to enjoy the wrapping for a more comfortable feeling.



Using a soft structured carrier can be a challenge for a pregnant mother, but women became quite inventive and discovered that a baby can be back carried easily in a soft structured carrier if the belt is placed higher than the belly so that it doesn`t apply any pressure on it.


Basically, as long as there is no medical issue and the activity feels comfortable for the mother, babywearing is possible during pregnancy. However, if this is not an option but you are a babywearing addict, then fathers should step in and take charge of carrying the baby. And so mothers can feast their eyes, because, let`s admit it, we love to see babywearing dads.  💗