I like that the first part of March is so much dedicated to women. Especially on the 8th, when each year, every woman is or should be celebrated.

Not only for their strength but mostly for their willingness and stubbornness, the dedication, and all the hard work they can submit to if necessary, women all over the world do deserve a special day, dedicated exclusively to them.

Whether they`re single, married, mothers or grandmothers, whether they prefer dresses or pants, whether they`re wearing their hair long or short, women can form a strong community, carrying the hardest issues in a family. Always trying to solve the problems and always finding the light when darkness is overwhelming, their voices started to be heard and listened to, more and more, and this is just the natural thing to do.

Mothers can heal wounds that are seen and imaginary ones, mothers can sing the pain away and even when they say they`re at the end of their strengths, they still find a bit more to continue. Sleepless nights, chaotic meals, dark circles around the eyes, and large smiles while playing with the little ones, this is the composition of a mother.

Along the time women fought for the rights that we have today, marched for equality and for freedom on so many levels.

One entire day to be celebrated, gifted, appreciated and rewarded for their simple existence is one of the joys women can receive.