Marloes de Graaf, babywearing consultant and former chairwomen of the Babywearing Dutch Association

The woven wrap is the most versatile babywearing option available on the market, as it is suitable for all body sizes with no adjustments between wearers or children, with an infinite number of types of carries and finishes, without any straps or buckles and an endless literature and tutorials available on how to use them, from a beginner’s level to a high level of expertise.


By choosing to wear your baby in a Woven Wrap you decide on wearing your little one in a type of carrier that was left as heritage by our grandparents, their parents and every parent from before; you choose to raise your child embraced in a tradition that lives within loving families since…forever.


The woven wrap comes in a variety of sizes, discover yours by checking our SIZE GUIDE below.  You base size represents the length needed in order to do a Front Wrap Carry ( a beginner level front carry). How to know what size you need? Borrow a woven wrap and see if you like the length of the excess tail that remains after you wrap your baby. Note that 2 different same size wearers might prefer different lengths as base sizes, so again, it’s up to you!

Even though wearing your little one in a woven wrap might seem a little bit difficult at the beginning, it definitely has a learning curve that turns for the best!  If you are a beginner when it comes to woven wraps, in order to get used to it you simply have to try it on and on until you feel it just like a second nature. A little trick might be taking a look in a mirror at each step, one at the time, until your senses get used to the feel of wrapping your baby close to you! You’ll be a wrapping mama in no time! You simply have to trust your instincts!

When you first see a woven wrap you cannot not notice the little marker sewn in the middle of the wrap. That’s

actually called the middle marker and just like the name suggests it represents the middle of the wrap. Why is it so important? Because it offers you a little guidance for you to know where the center of the wrap is in order to line it up on your body if the type of carry you’ve chosen requires it.

What type of carry is recommended first? Try for example the Front Cross Carry as it teaches you easily how to tighten the wrap, strand by strand. Search for tutorials on Youtube, the literature is so rich that you’ll be amazed!

With ISARA Woven Wraps you enjoy the out of the box tailor fit, ready to wear from the first touch. Its special weave, carefully organically crafted, snugs your baby in the softest, most comfortable embrace, moulding on its delicate body & shapes for a timeless babywearing journey.

The ISARA Woven Wrap is very comfortable and snug for newborns, yet incredibly supportive for toddlers and preschoolers. It is recommended for a weight range between 8 lbs/ 3.

5 kg and 33 lbs/ 15kg according to EU regulat

ions and between 8 lbs / 3,5 kg and 48,5 lbs / 22 kg according to US regulations, tested and certified.

Find them here, in a variety of colors, blends and waves>