Two rings and the softest jacquard woven fabric are the recipe for the most elegant baby carrier that doesn’t require any straps or buckles – the ISARA Ring Sling.


It is ideal for short trips, as it is breathable and lightweight, suitable from birth until toddlerhood and beyond, and because of the fast way the ring sling is being set up it is a great choice and an artsy look for parents on the go. It offers a snuggle fit for wearing small babies, but at the same time it is very supportive and a quick choice even for bigger babies. 


It is made entirely from a woven wrap that passes through a set of rings that you place on the shoulder, that once it is set and adjusted to your needs, it secures its length and grip through a very easy fastening procedure. The ring is top quality and certified for babywearing. The rails are colored differently so that you can assure the fabric doesn’t get twisted at your back.

Ring Sling look from the back


Even though the fastening procedure may look a bit of a challenge at first, after a little practice it is extremely easy and quick to adjust. It also probably offers you one of the best breastfeeding experiences in terms of needed adjustments.

Fabric gathered on the shoulder


Once it is adjusted correctly, thanks to the diagonal elasticity property of the fabric, it distributes the child’s weight evenly, moulding on your body shape and ensuring your child’s ergonomic curves. The ring sling does not require extra adjustments between babies or wearers.


Once it is adjusted, you can choose to arrange the fabric on your shoulder (see Philodendra Black Denim Ring Sling photo), or pulled down over the shoulder. Also, for a more compact look, you can choose to fold the rings with the tail of the ring sling ( see cover photo).


It can be used for front carriers and as the baby grows you can shift to hip carry which tends to be more comfortable with an extra weight. Back carry is also an option for bigger babies ( recommended only for experienced babywearers).


Whether you’re an experienced babywearer or not, if you haven’t try the Ring Sling, you definitely should ASAP!

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