The Blue Monday term appears to have been dedicated by an airline company in 2005 to the third Monday of the year. Allegedly, it was the most depressing day, considering the equation it has been calculated after.

Truth be told, many people may have felt more or less saddened, lacking enthusiasm or joy. This may be a cause for the agitation and fuss that the Holidays in December bring along. The weather also seems to have its impact on us, as the lack of sun may trigger negative emotions.

Gathering it all with the unfortunate situations the previous years has brought, yes, no wonder depression is just a step away. I, personally, think that if it`s a long-lasting feeling, then special assistance is needed and maybe a specialist would offer the best solutions for treating it.

But when it comes to mild states of boredom, sadness, or lack of any interest, we are searching for handy ways of coping with it. As an avid social media consumer, I noticed that most of the groups I`m a member of were filled with suggestions of what to do when sadness kicks in and I`m sharing a few that helped me:


Watching movies that may change your mood

I`m a FRIENDS addict, and whenever I feel down, I just search for my favorite episode(s) to cheer up. Sometimes this is enough, but if it doesn`t work, I just add a bit of chocolate and that`s that. ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course, I`m giving chances to new movies that appear, so Netflix was my best friend for a while.


Board games with the family

They`re a pretty awesome way to bond with each other, away from the screens (which we all abused lately) and loads of fun. Plus, they`re great for children to learn new rules, new words, tactics, etc. So, get your dice to roll!


Activities in nature

As much as possible, fresh air and a bit of sun can be the best medicine for a gloomy period. Though the cold season is not everyone’s favorite, if there`s snow, then the sleighs are on! Get your own, make teams with the kids and relive your childhood. If you`re not covered in snow, walks in the park, in the forest, connecting with nature is a good remedy for grey days.

Meet with friends

If face to face is not allowed, maybe a video call with your best friend could change your sadness to joy. Remember funny stories, send to each other old pictures that you haven`t looked at in a while, they`re definitely going to cheer you up.

Talk about your feelings

Many people may think that they`re not being understood by others, considering that no one can feel as bad as they`re feeling that moment. The truth is that we might just find out that once we reveal how we really feel, others will start doing the same. And if they cannot help each other, at least they`ll know that these feelings are normal, other people live them, too, and they could find the strength to fight them together.


I know many of these above, though simple, are not always in hand, especially when little children are around. But I learned on my own that requesting for family and friends to care for my children for a few hours or a day, so I can have my own break, is vital for me to stay healthy and positive.


I wish you all to have colorful days!

Take care!ย ๐Ÿ’—