2020, we say goodbye.

We started 2020 with lots of hopes and our agenda full of planned visits of new fairs, events and challenges. January started pretty just how we predicted, we managed to launch the 4th version of the The Trendsetter and we were happy to see how well it was received. We were already working on the finishing touches of the NEW Quick Full Buckle Carrier and we were so happy to start prepping for its special launch at Kind und Jugend in Koln.

Our March 2020 post

Everything was right on track.

Long story short, as soon as March came is was heartbreaking to accept that all our plans to physically travel more to meet new parents, consultants and partners will have to be put on hold.

We understood and embraced the bigger cause, just as the importance of everyone being safe is more important than anything in this world.

We understood that our plans don’t have to change, that the only thing that we have to do is to adapt. And so we did! We started to work as much as possible from home, spend more time with our family, multitask and babywear more, and somehow, we realized that at some point this might actually be one of the best thing that happened. We realized that we needed some time apart from traffic jams and crowded spaces just to rediscover ourselves in the love of our families.

So this story has a bigger picture. In 2020 we grew together more than anytime. In 2020 we understood the true meaning of staying together, for better and for worse. In 2020 we learned the importance of being humble and that in the eyes of God we’re truly all the same. In 2020 we understood even more that love is the answer to everything. So simply love your family, love all you do and embrace everything with love and good things will come. Things will get better.

2020 was a lesson. 2021 will be a new beginning.

Thank you!