Over the years, we have met so many wonderful people, whether they were babywearing consultants, or simply babywearing enthusiasts, all of them taught us something and we cherish all the bonds and friendships we created with them.

We decided to ask them a few questions about their babywearing journey, and they happily joined.

Selina is one of our international brand ambassadors located in Singapore, and who is happily babywearing her little ones in one of our ISARA carriers, The One Play of Lights. She even manages to breastfeed her newborn while carrying him, so kudos to you, Selina!

ISARA: How did your babywearing adventure start?

SELINA:  My babywearing adventure started when I had my firstborn who’s almost 3 years old now. Someone mentioned something about another baby carrier and that’s how I eventually drop into the rabbit hole.

I: What kind of carrier did you use as a beginner?

S: My first carrier was a soft structured carrier.

I: How did you hear about ISARA and what was your first impression of the brand?

S: I got to hear about ISARA via Instagram and I thought that it’s really versatile and stylish.

I: Which ISARA carriers have you tested so far? Which one you liked the most and why? Which ISARA carrier you`d like to also test?

S: I’ve tried The One. I love how breathable the wrap conversion is. The leg padding of the carrier is cushy and does not cause redness on my newborn’s thigh. I’d be interested to try ISARA’s Quick.

I: What would the perfect carrier look like?

S: A perfect carrier will be something which is suitable for all sizes, be it wearer or kids, something soft and suitable for any climate. Easy care is a bonus.

I: How do you see babywearing in the future?

S: Babywearing will be part of parents’ or even caregivers’ life, for bonding and comfort. With all types of carriers available, everyone should be able to find the one that suits them best.

Thank you, Selina, for sharing with us your vision about babywearing. 💗