Over the years, we have met so many wonderful people, whether they were babywearing consultants, or simply babywearing enthusiasts, all of them taught us something and we cherish all the bonds and friendships we created with them.

We decided to ask them a few questions about their babywearing journey, and they happily joined.

Our first awesome lady who answered our questions is Mirjam, one lovely, Swiss babywearing consultant. She is very committed to bringing as many men as possible into the babywearing world and she`s doing a great job.


ISARA: How did your babywearing adventure start?

Mirjam: I started carrying my first son in a Swiss half buckle carrier. A very expensive carrier from the Tragebaby brand.

I: What kind of carrier did you use as a beginner?

M: I prefer wearing half buckles.

I: How did you hear about ISARA and what was your first impression of the brand?

M: In March 2020 I was able to test an ISARA Quick from the Swiss carrying school for the first time. I liked it right away and felt great. My first impression of the stretcher was great. The workmanship was very good and also wearing comfortable.

I: Which ISARA carriers have you tested so far? Which one you liked the most and why? Which ISARA carrier you`d like to also test?

M: So far we only have the ISARA Quick. We prefer this stretcher because we can carry it high on our back. Thanks to the straps, it is continuously adjustable for men and women and always fits perfectly. In addition, the carriers can be fanned out for different weight distribution.

I: What would the perfect carrier look like?

M: From my point of view, the perfect carrier has a hip belt with Velcro. I can move these together or apart. I also prefer a full buckle stretcher that has the straps attached to the waist belt, as I can then carry the stretcher high on my back. a system where I can strap the straps from the waist belt to the back is a luxury ๐Ÿ™‚

I: How do you see babywearing in the future?

M: I have the feeling that in the future more and more parents will carry their children in baby carriers. It is slowly becoming “fashion” again and not only practical ๐Ÿ™‚ Many parents go for a simple design … and social media is becoming increasingly important.


Thank you, Mirjam, for sharing with us your vision over babywearing!