There`s a saying that right after Halloween ends, people start the Christmas fever and preparations for the new year. I think we can all agree that we`re actually expecting that this weird year is over, and once the new one arrives, things will change to better (fingers crossed).

But given the fact that the future is always unpredictable and we need to adjust our lifestyle to any condition that appears, I have made a list of 21 reasons, why babywearing is having only advantages, regardless of the context we`re living in.


  1. The baby is always close to you. When it comes to a newborn, especially, having him wrapped up, close to you will give you the possibility to respond to any needs he`s thriving for.
  2. The bonding. In the first months after birth, many mothers doubt their maternal instincts, but it`s proven that hearing their mother’s heartbeat, soothes the baby. Happy baby=happy mom.
  3. The hands-free. You`re always able to continue with chores around the house, to shop, to cook, while caring for the little one as well. 
  4. Get some time for yourself even when you`re alone with the baby. You can still drop by at the salon, to get your nails or hair done, while the little one rests in your arms, especially if you`re the only one who can take care of him at that point.
  5. Meet with your friends. Continue to see your friends, just like before the baby was born. You can still catch up with your best friend, grab a cup of coffee, without worrying about who would babysit him, or constantly wondering if the baby is alright. He`s right there, close to you.
  6. Workout! Thanks to kanga classes, now both you and your baby can enjoy exercising and staying fit.
  7. Meet new parents just like you. Babywearing communities are continually growing, and they often form a great supporting group of mom and dads who babywear.
  8. Go on the trip you planned. You can enjoy your hobbies, by traveling along with your baby.
  9. Spend quality time with your elderly children. After the birth of a new baby, the older siblings may tend to feel neglected, because a newborn always demands most of your attention. 
  10. Continue your studies. Now that most courses have moved to online, it`s easier to attend them and care for the baby. Get those earphones and continue to cuddle your baby, while joining the online classes. 
  11. Wear again your toddler who now walks, and remember the times he was so little and smelled like a newborn. 
  12. Enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods, in the park or on the beach, to fill your heart again with beautiful sights.
  13. Show your baby the world and take him with you everywhere, carrying him close to your heart.
  14. Keep him in your arms if you`re not yet prepared to let other people hold him. A carrier will keep him safe where he belongs.
  15. When fever kicks in, bring the carrier into action. It`s proved that skin on skin may reduce the high temperature and stabilize it.
  16. Walk your dog at any time of the day. It will be refreshing for you&the baby, and your dog will be happy, too.
  17. Join your friend’s wedding, even if your baby is new to this world. You`ll be happy to attend and your friend will appreciate your effort. Grab a pair of baby headphones for the noise and party as much as you can.
  18. Have a romantic walk with your spouse and hold hands just like before.
  19. Read your favorite book, while the baby sleeps in your arms, carried by you.
  20. Get your meals done, enjoy cooking uninterrupted. The baby is safer on the back, try backcarrying while cooking.
  21. Enjoy the softness and cuddles of a cute, little baby, he may grow up so fast, you won`t realize there`s no small baby to carry around.

So, here are the 21 reasons to babywear next year as well. Have you got any more reasons? Let us know, we`d love to hear abut them.