What a year this has been. I know it still holds some surprises until its ending, as well as I`m aware that a new year won`t necessarily bring the best changes. Still, the positive part of me thinks that the new year brings new beginnings. As much as I try to stay down to earth, there`s always that part of me that`s got me thinking tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year – things would get better, everything will improve.

It`s probably safer to be prepared for any kind of situation, and yet you never know what the next second brings with it. This is why, given the current circumstances of this year, it was great to see how the babywearing activities still managed to gather parents, communities altogether and continue with the joy that it brings.

This years` subject for the International Babywearing Week,  “Embrace the future” nicely enhances two sides: the first one is that babywearing not only resists through rough times, but it helps parents get easier through it. Secondly, with every carried child, the future of the babywearing is ensured. Children see and understand so many things at such a high level, we often are impressed with how young they are and what connections they manage to make.

Embracing the future is somehow an acceptance of what today is offering and getting the best out of it, working with what we`re given to improve things for tomorrow. This is how building a solid future looks like to me. Parents together with their children, supporting each other, united in a strong community are capable of bringing change in a world where hope can sometimes be doubted.

Happy International Babywearing Week! Keep your children close, they will continue to do that for their loved ones!