At ISARA, we love, love, love to make new friends. Whether we`re talking about our partners who take ISARA to their shops, or the consultants who recommend our products to the parents, whether they`re the ambassadors that promote the carriers with all their hearts, or the daily customers that reach out to us, they are all welcome in our family, the ISARA community!

This year was a special one (let`s call it special) and as much as we were looking forward to attending the events we had scheduled, all were canceled, due to the international Covid-19 situation.


Though we are thankful for the technology that has enabled us to stay in contact with the entire babywearing community around the world, we feel the melancholy of meeting with people face to face. This weekend the Kind und Jugend fair should have taken place and since 2016 we have been there every year.

So we`re doing what everyone would do when they miss something: we`re checking photos and remembering the fun we`ve had, the people we`ve met, and the good things we`ve learned.

There were fairs, meetings, product presentations and they all brought us collaborations and friendships and we can`t wait until we could meet again, to see all the goodies in babywearing style.

Until then, we`re staying safe and preparing for when we`ll be happy to see each other.