ISARA is easy to take care of. There is no fuss regarding washing it, nothing complicated. The only thing you should always have in mind is to take care of it just like you take care of your favorite dress or shirt, gentle and with patience. 

Many of us wear ISARA at regular basis, everyday, so it’s kind of amazing that it beats the test of time so good! Just imagine wearing your favorite blouse everyday, even if just for a few hours, considering that most of them, especially fast fashion products contain lots of color fixators and fabrics blends that are meant to secure a longer lifespam!

When it comes to ISARA, regardless if it’s the woven wrap, sling, half buckle or full buckle, canvas or woven,  you should wash it only when necessary, in order to increase its life. In case of stains on the fabric, clean with soap and warm water and let it dry, but not directly in the sun.

You can use the washing machine, but please make sure you use a mild detergent and a delicate cycle, at no more than 30 degrees celsius. 

You should always make sure that all buckles are fastened before washing. Never let it dry in direct sun, it is well known that the Sun causes a lot of damage to all kinds of existing fabrics and their color.

Also, do not keep it in direct sun when not in use. Many people put clothes and scarves behind the rear window of their car and that is one rookie mistake that is so painful for us to watch. Never, and we mean, NEVER, keep it somewhere where the sun can put its rays on it when not in use. Also, sea salt can cause damage too, just like on any other surface it comes in contact with. If that’s the case, just mildly wash ISARA everytime it comes in contact with sea salt and it should be just fine.

All ISARA are made of pure organic fibers, GOTS certified, and no color fixators are used within its coloring process, that’s why it is possible that a mild discoloration of the fabric to be seen in time. It is normal and it does not affect the functionality or the safety of the product.

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If you need extra assistance before washing, always feel free to contact us via a DM on Facebook or Instagram, we’d be happy to help you. Hugs! 🤗