Babies are the sweetest, fragile little beings who need our care and attention! Feeding and sleeping are of paramount importance for a child to develop harmoniously. It’s every parent’s wish to have the best help he can when dealing with these aspects!

Definitely, a carrier is your savior when it comes to putting your baby to sleep and it helps in developing a healthy sleeping habit that your child will benefit all his life from!

Before we dive into the benefits of sleeping in a carrier, let’s see what are the guidelines to a correct position for your baby in a carrier, so that he can enjoy a safe, comfortable nap!

TICKS is a set of rules created by the UK Sling Consortium to help parents babywear safely.  The rules are simple, clear and well explained:

Even if your baby is older, he still needs head support when he falls asleep.  Make sure that your baby’s head is stable and you can see his face at all times.

To rest your baby’s head, the top edge of the carrier’s panel needs to be high enough to reach up to the nape of your baby’s neck.

All ISARA carriers have a detachable hood included, that we recommend using when the baby is asleep, for extra neck support until the baby can support his/her own head. The hood is very useful for supporting the baby’s head when he/she is asleep. The hood has some elastic bands that click into a clip positioned on the shoulder straps of the carrier. The clips glide up and down for a more accurate fixation. The hood is attached to the carrier with snaps and it can be detached completely.

And now, the benefits of sleeping in a carrier!

When sleeping in a carrier, your baby’s breathing is regulated by yours, so this fact reduces SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Scientists recommend sleeping in the same room with your baby, so you can check on him at all times. Well, when babywearing, your child is under your supervision and you can also do your work while he is asleep, it’s the perfect solution!

Having close contact helps a baby to sleep more quietly and for longer. He can hear your heartbeat, hear your voice and smell your scent, thus having a familiar environment!

Having positive sleep associations, without the stress of being separated from his parents, will help your baby develop better long-term sleeping habits. This is vital for his health and a struggle less for you!

He falls asleep happy, in a calm environment and then, even if you want to put your baby down at night so you can rest you can easily unbuckle the carrier, he won’t even notice it!

And don’t think your baby will be too attached and dependent! Often if the child is comfortable enough in the carrier, he will naturally fall asleep on his own when he is ready. He won’t take it as a duty or a stressful moment, a common perception for some children.

What about the moment he wakes up? Seeing your face will make him calmer and more willing to absorb the environment and be active, after a restful sleep in your arms! It is such a beautiful thing to be the last face he sees when he falls asleep and the first face when he wakes up!

Also, the time spent close to your body, which his fragile little system needs so much, increases in a big way! All the time spent away from him, while he sleeps in his crib, is now a time spent together!

And the most important part, the bond between you and your baby is strengthened even more! Sharing his dreams with you as a baby will make you both share beautiful moments each time you will be together!