Babywearing might seem quite a new trend nowadays, but it`s actually been noted in the history of humanity for centuries… well, maybe not under the same name, but definitely for mostly the same reasons. Of course, we added a bit of fashion to the whole babywearing idea, but the main purpose is still the same: having the baby close to the parent.


Why should you babywear?

There could be various reasons why parents should babywear and each of them finds a personal motivation to do so. However, studies have shown that not only does it help the baby to develop- especially in the first period after the birth – but it`s also great for the parents. Here are a few reasons that put the babywearing in a new perspective:

  • Closeness  

The baby feels safe if he feels his mothers` smell, hears her voice and even her heartbeat. He`s close to her skin and soothes rapidly surrounded by all these familiar senses.

The mother risks a lower rate of postpartum depression. After birth, many women find themselves overwhelmed by a multitude of strange, various feelings, that change rapidly from happiness to sadness, from a good mood to melancholia. Holding the baby makes them feel more powerful and self-aware of how important they are.

  • Health

Babywearing can improve and strengthen the baby`s immune system and regulates temperature, breathing, and heart rate.

The mother can recover faster after birth, light physical activities being also allowed and possible while keeping the baby close to her.

  • Happiness

Babywearing makes babies feel happy. Bonding with their mothers in the carrier reduces stress, they cry less, and they`re easy to keep calm.

While carrying the baby in her arms, mothers feel secure and confident that their babies are safe and protected. Also, having the baby always under their supervision enables them to continue with many activities they used to have before giving birth. Happy baby, happy mommy 🙂

  • Ergonomical position

Though holding the baby in the arms may be calming for the baby, the mother`s hands could get tired and the position of the baby changes not offering the best support. An ergonomic carrier offers support not only for the back but also for the legs, head, and neck so that the baby feels comfortable and can develop properly.

On the other hand, the mother`s body position is different when holding the baby in her arms than the one when the baby is placed in a carrier. Mothers tend to lean on their back when holding the baby, which gives backaches, while carrying the baby, allows them to have the right posture.


So many reasons to go for babywearing: it`s simple, healthy, joyful, trendy…

Why shouldn`t you?