With the arrival of spring, we all turn our eyes to nature and the wonders she has to offer! Having nature as our muse, we created ISARA Green (R)Evolution collection. 💚

Flavored with vibrant hues of emerald and tender glow, this stunning collection envisions a sustainable, eco-friendly future, where growing together deepens and harmonizes our connection with the environment.

ISARA The Trendsetter Green (R)Evolution fabric is made from 100% Organic Cotton Woven Wrap combined with luxurious bamboo fibers, 285 GSM, GOTS Certified. The fabric is suitable for all year round. Now let’s explore the reasons why we chose bamboo fiber as the star of ISARA Green (R)Evolution collection.

🟢 Firstly, Bamboo is such an unpretentious, yet generous inhabitant of this planet!

And we say this because bamboo requires no chemicals and very little water to grow. It absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than cotton or timber. It also releases more oxygen into the environment which improves air quality. What an amazing plant!

Fabrics that contain bamboo fiber are extraordinary for you and your baby, because:

🟢 Bamboo feels softer than cotton, having the texture similar to a blend of silk and cashmere.

🟢 Bamboo fabrics have a great level of elasticity, thus it will mold wonderfully on your baby’s shape.

🟢 Bamboo fiber contains a unique antibacterial substance, the bamboo kun, which remains active even in the finished product, keeping bacteria, fungi and bad smell away.

🟢 Due to its micro-gaps and micro-holes, bamboo has almost double moisture absorption and ventilation than cotton. That means your baby will feel cool and fabric won’t stick to his skin, bamboo fiber evaporating sweat very easily.

🟢 Bamboo fiber is antistatic, so it will flow lightly on your baby’s skin.

🟢 Bamboo also has ultraviolet protection, making it suitable for babywearing in those sunny days, when all you want to do is carry your baby without worrying about ultraviolet radiation.

🟢 And last but not least, bamboo fabric is biodegradable, returning back to the earth in a gentle way, after offering us the most wonderful experience when wearing it on our skin.

So take a chance on bamboo, you will be amazed by how wonderful it feels babywearing in ISARA The Trendsetter, ISARA wrap or ISARA ring sling, Green (R)Evolution collection!