Do you know all those memes that have the whole social media gone wild? I`m a huge fan of them, I especially enjoy those who compare things like “ Yeah, parenting is great, but have you tried sleeping one full night?”. So, I came up with one on my own (there may be someone out there who thought the same as me, not sure): “Yeah, strollers are great, but have you tried babywearing?” 😊 Awesome, right?

As a babywearing parent (twice, actually) I did enjoy spreading the love for carriers and every time a tired parent would complain that their child always demands to be carried, while other chores needed to be done around, I would empathize with them but always asked: have you considered babywearing? And since many of them would just reject the idea, because “that`s not for me”, I decided to bust this myth and prove that there are carriers for each and every need.

This will be the second part of a presentation for different styles of carrying, suitable for every taste. 😊

In the first chapter, several carriers have been shortly presented, in order to come to terms with any parent who wishes to try babywearing.

It`s now time to introduce a lovely carrier, that would be adored by the “crazy about wraps” mammas, just as much as by the classical buckle fans: the half buckle carrier (Quick). Combining the quick and easy Velcro adjustment of the seat, with the buckle closing belt, along with the comfortable padded shoulder straps that can be tied up just like the “tails” of a wrap, the half buckle carrier is not only an elegant carrier but mostly a very practical one. Just like the other carriers presented above, the Quick half buckle can be easily adjusted to precise dimensions for a newborn baby but for a toddler, too. Soft Jacquard fabric, easy adjustment, lovely colors with a tint of craziness in the tails, what more could you wish for? 💗


All these carriers are always completed by different accessories regardless of the weather. If it`s snowy and cold, the fancy winter cover is there to save you and keep you warm during long walks in the frozen winter. Rainy outside but still need to run all the errands? The rain cover will protect your baby from drops falling straight on him, keeping him dry and safe while the warm cover offers an extra cozy layer for those chilly spring and autumn evenings when you`re still enjoying the weather outside.

Oh, I also promised an adorable surprise at the end of this chapter: as parents, we are models in the eyes of our children and we realize very often that a smaller version of ourselves is living with us in the house. They all tend to imitate their parents (with positive and negative behavior) and we try to set an example for them. So, no wonder that many children are asking for a small carrier themselves, to carry their favorite, most beloved toy, just like mom and dad are carrying them. So tiny little carriers have been developed and now children are happily wearing their toys in them, acting so consciously and dedicated, growing into responsible and aware youngsters.


With all the variety of carriers offered on the market, it only comes naturally to find the most suitable carrier that meets every need of a parent and ensure the little one the safest place on earth, right next to his parents` heart.

All that`s left to say is: dare to babywear! 🙂