This year’s theme for European Babywearing Week is highlighting the so-called fourth trimester, which represents the first 3 months after the baby is born.

A carousel of feelings overwhelms not only the mother but the newborn as well, right after the birth. From the safe, warm place he’d lived until then, suddenly he`s exposed to thousands of new stimulus: light, heat, cold, noise, too much space. It’s just too much and too sudden, so no wonder they cry a lot during this period, it’s the only way they can express their emotions.


As a matter of fact, it lies within our power as parents, to make this road easier for the baby. It has been proved that the best way of soothing an unsettled baby is to hold him closer to the body that used to be his shelter for several months. The smell of his mother, her voice, her arms are enough to know that despite the new environment seems frightening, there’s always someone who could comfort him. However, if as a parent, you need to get your hands free for a while, take into consideration babywearing, it’s life-saving!


In the third trimester, mothers get the nesting fever all rolled upon them, trying their best to prepare the house and themselves for the new member of the family. Many parents find out in the immediate period after the birth of their baby, that various devices they have purchased or received before the arrival of the baby, are…well…useless. However, pretty soon they come to realize that the needs of a newborn are quite handy. Babies` primary needs are those of nurture, protection and care.


Personally, I always enjoyed all the themes for the Babywearing Week editions. I especially like this one, as it can be truly revealing for new parents about the meaning of their unconditional presence in their baby’s life. Many of them may consider it important having all sorts of  “newborn kits” , more or less expensive, when truly, all the little one really needs is to be fed and held. Your arms would serve him the best shelter.