How does love grow? How do we nurture it? What makes us love something?

We love something because it makes us recall happiness. Whether it’s a song, a place, a time of the day or a season, we love it because we associate it with a beautiful experience.

You hear many times people saying they hate winter. They hate the freeze, they hate the snow, they hate everything about it. What if we can make sure our child will embrace and love winter growing up?

Yes, we can, by taking them outside, no matter the cold. When the first winter breeze blows through the air, when the first snowflake falls from the sky and snow settles on the trees, your child learns what the magic of mother nature is about. Your child builds wonderful winter memories that last for eternity.

Have fun and enjoy everything about winter. Help him see the foggy and gloomy weather as a fairytale. Because that’s what it is. So let’s hit the slopes, search for untouched snow and leave marks of love, angles and falling stars.

Babywearing during winter can be fun, too! Ensure you keep him warm and protected, close to your chest, play with snow and show him the magic of winter, close to your heart! This way you’re not only protecting him from the cold weather, but you’ll also make one more memory of the two of you having the best time of your life!

Make sure the cold won’t stop you! Here is some great advice to help you have the best wintertime of your life!

Use layers. They’ll help you adjust your baby’s temperature easily. You can easily strip a layer off when your baby gets hot or add it back on if the temperature gets chilly again. If you’re using a winter cover, consider it a warm layer that you can take off when entering a warm place. Make sure you never release too many layers at the time, to not expose the baby to sudden temperature differences.

Use leggings underneath his pants, usually the bottom of the leg gets easily exposed while babywearing, and proper shoes.

ISARA Winter Covers are already a PRO when it comes to waterproof and windproof functionality, but if you’re planning to let the child play in the snow, make sure the clothes’ bottom layer is waterproof and windproof. Use hats and gloves and make sure that no area gets exposed to cold, other than the little red nose that you’ll get to kiss every 2 minutes :).

Keep in mind to always check the baby’s temperature and adjust the number of layers accordingly. Don’t be scared that your baby will suffer from cold, remember that while babywearing, you are also a source of warmth for your baby. How cool is that, right?

Enjoy winter together. Help him love the weather in all its forms, grow the love, cherish it and he’ll grow in love with nature, protecting it for the generations to come.

Happy babywearing!