Carrying a little angel in a sling is truly convenient, but do you know the most important rules to ensure your baby’s safety? Tick the following key rules off your checklist and be ready to babywear the love with ISARA!

Airway. Ensure that fresh air can circulate freely around your little one’s face. When adjusting the panel of your baby carrier,  choose an appropriate height that enables the baby’s face to be visible at all times over the top edge of the panel. How do you know that you’ve adjusted the height of the panel properly? Check if the top edge of the panel reaches up to the nape of your baby’s neck.  Trust your heart and follow your instincts, mama! You’ve got this!

Body Positioning. Does the seat width support your baby’s legs in an ergonomically correct “M” shaped position, with the level of his bottom lower than the level of his knees, without slumping? When you’re adjusting your new baby carrier for the first time, adjust the width of the panel according to your little one’s leg span, supporting from knee to knee, always making sure that the width of the panel is not too wide. How can you notice if the width of the panel is too wide? If the bottom of the panel rests on your baby’s calves, instead of right under the bend of the knees, then you will have to narrow the base of the carrier. Ensure proper placement of your baby in the carrier, by placing your hands under your baby’s knees and lift them up gently, to successfully position your baby’s back in a pelvis tilted position.*Make sure your baby’s bottom is seated deeply in the panel and not on the carrier’s waistband. 

Comfortable. The carrier should be extremely comfortable for both you and your angel. Since you’ll be wearing your sweetheart every single day, your carrier has to suit your body size like a glove! Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need to adjust your carrier! ISARA is here for you mama. Stay in the loop with all things babywearing, by joining Love ISARA babywearing Facebook group, where advice, educational info and more are shared and offered on a daily basis!