Dear babywearing lovers,

ISARA recently came out with an Infant Fitting Belt, an accessory specially designed for achieving a proper carrying position as close as possible to the one in a woven wrap. If you’ve been perusing our website, then you might have seen the infant fitting belt listed in the other accessories menu. Now’s the right time to get acquainted with it. 

What’s the purpose of such a belt?

The Infant Fitting Belt is useful for newborns and babies in their first months of life, allowing the wearer to extend the shoulder straps and close the buckle under the baby’s bottom, at the waist belt area, in order to attain an optimal position of a small baby similar to the one achieved in a woven wrap. Suitable for front carry, with crossed shoulder straps. Sounds amazing, right? With our infant fitting belt, you can finally obtain the perfect, correct positioning of a very small baby, for all you babywearing walks, in no time.

How to proceed with attaching the Infant Fitting Belt to your ISARA baby carrier? 

Rest assured. We’ve got you covered with an in-depth tutorial, which is pretty easy to follow:

If video tutorials are not your cup of tea, don’t despair, there’s always a short, written version for you. Check out the easy steps below:  

  • Connect the shoulder straps to the infant fitting belt in front of the waist belt, under the baby’s bum and his/her feet. 
  • Warning! Secure both shoulder straps with your hand and maintain them tensioned at all times.

Are you ready to give this infant fitting belt a try? You’ll definitely love it!