The following review is brought to you by the lovely Anela Paparevic-Felegyhazi.

This full buckle adjustable carrier is a full wrap conversion in what we call baby size- can be used from birth up to… as long as your child wants to be carried in it or reaches 20kgs-biggest weight it has been tested for. It’s emerald green color is just perfect green, changes depending on the light and weather conditions (looks like a different carrier if you compare it on a sunny day and on a rainy day for example). Material is very soft and it feels silky on touch. It comes softly right out of the box, but with washing, it becomes even softer, including the waist belt- it softens a bit as well.

Wearing my youngest.

Wearing my toddler, 2 years and 8 months old.






Even if declared to be used from birth, what should be taken into consideration is that not all babies are the same, so the time when baby can perfectly fit in V3 carrier is very individual. My baby’s birth weight was less than 3kgs so with 4 months old he was big and heavy as some babies are when they are one month old. Around that time he could perfectly fit in V3 Green (R)Evolution and we both love it as it is very comfortable. In these warm summer days, I find it the best to carry my boys in it, as bamboo seems to have a cooling effect when directly on the skin. 

Babywearing HAPPINESS

Before The ONE model came out, some caregivers minded hardness of the waist belt and 2-way system of tightening shoulder straps. To be honest, I prefer “the old” harder version of waist belt on Isara V3 and Isara Toddler models as I find them more comfortable, especially for back carries- it allows high back carrying without waist belt being bent at all. As a reference, I am 158cm tall and have 57kgs at the moment- the first time I tried Isara Toddler was when I had around 50kgs and it was comfortable even then, just like now. Regarding the shoulder straps tightening system, it is the same as on my first carrier Lenny Lamb in baby size, so I don’t find it difficult at all. I found the best way of tightening shoulder straps as shown in these photos.

Pulling shoulder strap towards down to bring all the extra length under my arm while pushing baby’s bum towards up with my other hand, then pulling shoulder strap away from my body towards the back and a bit towards down. I do the same when tightening the other shoulder strap.

One more thing I love about V3 Green (R)Evolution is that I can easily readjust it for my older son by loosening waist belt and spreading panel material on the widest setting for my toddler when it happens that he wants to be carried. He is 2years and 8 months old and still has great leg support as well as torso support, as the panel is deep enough to support him up to under his armpits. When carrying my older boy in this carrier, the only place where I can really feel that he is much heavier than my younger boy is my legs and feet.

When done with carrying, the easiest way to loosen shoulder straps is pushing the buckle with your thumb towards the front and down as shown in the photo below.

Thank you so much, Anela for the wonderful review!!! You rock! 💝