💡 Have you ever wondered how heavy duty ISARA is? Caught your interest? Then, keep on reading.

ISARA baby carriers have passed many quality assurance tests before its release to the public and we’re proud to state that it’s certified for wearing babies up to 20 kg. When it comes to carrying children, safety and comfort are valuable;  we wanted to offer the perfect reliable addition to your parenthood journey that will accompany you from the very first day of stepping into your new role until your little one is ready to start school.

But then we pondered…. How many more kilograms can ISARA The ONE withstand? And since the entire ISARA team is overly inquisitive, we just couldn’t stop ourselves from uncovering the “resistance” mystery.

And so it began…. From the littlest to the biggest. One family. One size design baby carrier. The result though??? Check out the following in-house testing steps:

 Testing the durability of ISARA The ONE

  • The first on board was the sweetest preschooler, weighing 15 kg.
  • Second step. Switching roles. The mother (weighing 47 kg) got to experience a back carry, and we must say that ISARA has successfully passed the test.  
  • The grand finale. Mother and daughter duo. As expected ISARA The ONE can withstand even a total weight of 62 kilograms. MIND BLOWING! Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum 🙂

Durability approved!!! Do not worry though, no participant was harmed 🤣. For them, it was fun to prove the impossible.  

ISARA The ONE offers a durable, timeless carrying experience far beyond your expectations. Optimized to suit even the biggest preschooler, ISARA The ONE is certainly The ONE heavy duty carrier every parent needs for their children.


P.S. Who’s ready to hop on ISARA The ONE and experience its awesomeness? We dare you.