One beautiful spring day when nature’s playfulness emerged and the warm, soft rays of sun bathed the Earth, #teamISARA started a long time coming project. It all came to life in a refurbished apartment with personality, tucked into the heart of Cluj. The 4th Floor (ETAJ 4) delivers the perfect hint of sunshiney undertones with exquisite details in every corner. Pure ART!

 A harmony of storage and decor, styled with fresh, modernesque accents, the 4th Floor was just the PERFECT home for filming ISARA’s newest video: Growing Together, from generation to generation (P.S. Coming SOON, so stay tuned on our social media).

 Together with our filming crew, little angels and ravishing mothers, we were inspired by the vibrancy and life of this gorgeous living space. The bright golden hues spilling over into the apartment like a burst of warmth made us all feel at HOME.


One particular design that drew our attention to this bright house was the beautiful “yellow umbrella” wallpaper that splashes the interior with a lovely aura of serenity and peace.


A place that welcomes you, open-heartedly, and it does it so so so beautifully.

                      💝 Thank you Etaj 4 for all the LOVE.