ISARA. Working together every day for sustainability, premium quality and eco- friendly designs made with care and love.              

  💖Did you know that  #teamISARA has been collecting plastic bottle caps in order to recycle them and help those in need? Plastic bottle caps may look rather simple, insignificant objects that we usually just throw out in the trash box, but for the wonderful people at Bottle Caps with Soul (Capace cu Suflet) they can be recycled in order to make life brighter for people in need. Since 2013, Bottle Caps with Soul, have started collecting and recycling large volumes of plastic, raising money for many humanitarian causes. Hats off to Anca Tataru, the beautiful soul behind this amazing project. Together, we’re devoted to reducing the plastic footprint for a more nature-friendly future! All for a better world! Greener and safer for our children!

🌍Because caring for the Planet is not impossible if we stand united for the same cause! Mother Nature needs us!

  “Think out of the TRASH box – recycle!”- Bottle Caps with Soul