If you’ve ever wondered how does it actually feel like to be an ISARA Brand Ambassador, wonder no more! Veronica Koleva, our lovely ambassador from Bulgaria, https://babywearingbg.eu/en/ describes her own babywearing journey with ISARA in this lovely guest blog post! 

Check out her experience:

“Almost a year ago, I started one of the most memorable journeys of my life! It was a very spontaneous decision that was followed by tons of smiles and closeness. I want to tell you what is it like to be an Isara brand ambassador and how I became one.


It was one of those cold nights when my hubby was taking night shifts and I was alone with my son at home. He was already sleeping and I was scrolling ISARA’s website, looking at their carriers. Suddenly the ambassador search caught my eyes and my curiosity prevailed. Three minutes and the form was filled out! “It costs me nothing to try,” I said to myself and went to bed.

Until my son hit 4 months I wore him in a stretchy wrap and after I began my soft – structured carrier search. The local sling library gave many new moms, including me, the opportunity to try different carriers and ISARA V3 aka the Trendsetter Foxy Gray was present in her stash. I had already tried it and it was one of my favorites!

On the 27th of March, 2018 I was already in bed with my hubby and I just checked my inbox before I closed my eyes and I was stunned to see an e-mail named “ISARA AMBASSADOR VERONICA”. I never thought that the need for sleep will go away in a matter of seconds! Remember the happiness that flooded my whole body! My heart started pounding and sleep came hours after I intended it to. That was the beginning of a life-changing adventure for my whole family!

My first ISARA carrier was the V3 aka The Trendsetter in the super cool print “Tropicana”. I loved it from the first moment and still have it and wear it, in spite of having The ONE. Now it is more like a sentimental memory that symbolizes the beginning of my ISARA journey, but it was one of the most comfortable carriers for me during that time. With its arrival this carrier brought back my life from being stuck at home to being active and where I love most – in the mountains! Everybody told me that I am crazy to bring my kid up there in the woods, but it felt so natural and right. He was sleeping calmly on my back while I and my husband were walking the wild trails. It was like a return to being who I was after a year of being stuck in the city. In that meaning, ISARA gave me back my wings! It was freedom that I felt!

Then everything was happening naturally – the photos, the wearing, the smiles, the reviews. It was part of my life anyway! Sometimes I have no time for photos and my social media profiles remain silent because motherhood is a mess now and then.  I love the warmth of the community and the people hidden behind ISARA’s name! They embraced me and gifted me with kindness, patience, and understanding, gently becoming a priceless part of your life! Thank you, ISARA!


“Share the love” they say. It is so easy to do it when you love something with all your heart and soul! This is still the only truth behind my ISARA story. It’s not about not using other carriers, but wearing your kids with the ones that suit both – your body and your beliefs!”

A heartfelt hug to Veronica Koleva, for being an amazing soul!