ISARA The ONE Review. Dani Langton, trained Wear_my_Baby Peer Supporter

“ISARA contacted me in October 2018 to talk about being a brand ambassador. It’s not something I had done before but I was eager to do it as I had heard so many great things about the new ISARA The ONE.

Between speaking to the lovely Lena about starting and receiving my new ISARA The ONE I had given birth to my third child. The ISARA The ONE arrived when he was only 9 days old! My eldest is 9 so definitely past the carrying stage! But my other two children both being under two at the time were great testers for the carrier.

I was a bit dubious that ISARA The ONE would actually work from newborn all the way to preschool, I have tried a few other carriers that state they work from newborn, when in reality unless you give birth to a long 10lbs baby they just won’t work until baby hits about 2/3 months. So I put the ISARA The ONE on all of the smallest settings for my tiny 6lbs baby and it fit! It Fit perfectly! I was genuinely shocked, I thought there had to be a compromise somewhere, so I took the baby out and adjusted it for my two year old, again it fits! Perfectly! She told me she was comfortable and even had a little tantrum when I took her out, but I thought let’s try my eldest. He was eight at the time and is smaller than his peers so weighs the same as a 6-year-old. I added in the leg extenders and made the panel as tall as it could be and he fit in it. It was still just as comfortable for me. I wouldn’t recommend using this on such a large child but I just wanted to see how comfortable it was and due to his age he could give me great feedback on how comfortable it was! I tested this out on my front and my back and found it super comfortable.

ISARA The ONE has such super soft fabric! Which is exactly what you want when you’re putting such a small baby into it! It left me feeling confident that my newborn was safe and comfortable. I love you to have a choice to either use it rucksack-style or cross the straps, for me I prefer it ruck but that is down to personal preference. It’s so easy to attach the hood to the carrier and I love the little sliders that the hood clips onto when you’re shading you baby.

I went out for a full day using the ISARA The ONE rucksack full of toddler snack, cloth nappies, spare clothes, water bottles, purse, keys, you name it, it was in my bag! I wanted to give it a full test run with using a rucksack that was jam-packed taking my newborn and my 2 year old out for the day. I have previously found using a rucksack and a carrier can be annoying, shoulder strap slipping, having the two crossings being uncomfortable but the shoulder straps are amazing! The padding is lovely and I found my rucksack didn’t slip off my shoulders at all! I found it fairly easy to swap between my son and daughter when we were out, my daughter wanted to go onto my back and I had the buggy so popped the newborn in the buggy. Back carrying with the ISARA The ONE is AMAZING! I think it’s my favourite carrier for back carrying currently! It’s so comfortable!

ISARA The ONE is my go to carrier! I have a mountain of carriers that I look at sometimes even put on but last min always swap over to my ISARA, it just ticks all the boxes, it’s the only carrier my husband will use! It took me two years, TWO, to get him to carry our kids and finally, he has found a carrier that he likes!


Overall I’m super impressed with ISARA The ONE, I didn’t think it could live up to being a newborn to preschool carrier, but it can and it’s brilliant! I’d wholeheartedly recommend this carrier to friends, family, and anyone who is looking to get one.”