Hello everybody 🙂

❤️ My name is Inês Leite Rocha, I’m from Portugal. For those who do not know me and never heard of me, I’m the creator of the website “Panos Viajantes”: http://www.panosviajantes.pt/.

The website “Panos Viajantes” aims to inform all Portuguese parents, but not only, about the Babywearing market, trying to provide the best possible information about the products tested through the opinion of real moms and dads that have tested those products. It’s also a point of reference for brands where they will have access to reviews and inputs, being able to perceive their acceptance in the market, showing the positive and the less favorable points. It is also possible to see on the website all our partners, baby carriers and trips organized by us, as well as reviews of these products.

You must be wondering what this has to do with ISARA right? Since ISARA is one of the most prestigious brands of babywearing, it’s undoubtedly present on our site. It was easy to get in touch with Diana, a very sweet and friendly person, who has always been available to help us. After some e-mail conversations, ISARA made a point of making itself known on our country and sent 3 products here so that about 30 mothers could try them out.

And about my experience with ISARA? I had already on my hands 5 different products, the “V3 Chic in Paris” buckle carrier, the “V3 Half Wrap Conversion Burgundivine” buckle carrier, the “Diamonda” woven wrap, the “Diamonda Blue Ink” ring sling and finally “The ONE”.

     How can I describe ISARA’s products? For me, they are TOP products, between the bests that I have tried. They are all very comfortable products, with great support and extremely beautiful. I remember experiencing “V3 Chic” shortly after being introduced to the babywearing world, to think that this buckle carrier had one of the most beautiful patterns I had ever seen, that it was very comfortable and I was anxious for my turn to try it out. Not at all disappointing, although I felt some difficulties with the first adjustments (it was the first time we used a buckle carrier), I found that the handles were extremely comfortable, that the belt was wide and hard enough not to curl or hurt. As I am an eternal lover of Paris, the city of love, I loved the fabric and the pattern.

The “V3 Burgundivine” buckle carrier, the Diamonda wrap and the Ring Sling arrived in my hands at an entirely different stage. At a stage of more experience, where adjustments were no longer a problem, and where I just wanted to enjoy every minute I had with them.

The buckle carrier was identical to the one I had previously tested, as for the wrap and the ring sling was love at first sight. When we hear about ISARA we automatically associate to buckle carriers and we do not remember at all that ISARA also makes other high-quality products.

Both the wrap and the ring sling are super comfortable, soft, with good support, easy to adjust and with a classic pattern. Great for any occasion, whether for a walk in the park, for a trip to the beach, to go get the kids to school or for a ceremony.


During the ISARA product travels by the mothers of Portugal, I received an invitation, which was not waiting for at all. I was invited to be ISARA’s ambassador in Portugal and proudly accepted, I accepted not only because it was a recognition that the “job” I am doing for Babywearing in Portugal is being positive, but also because I admire and believe in this brand.


The last piece that passed through my hands was “The One”, and I must say that if I had not been already fully surrendered, I would have fallen in love again with ISARA. It’s a great buckle carrier, the best I’ve ever tried during this one-and-a-half year course, the one I recommend to everyone who asks me what buckle carrier they should buy for their baby. In Portugal, we really surrendered to THE ONE! 

I want to thank ISARA for the opportunity given to me and hope to continue doing a good “job”. Thank you for believing in me, my project, and all the girls who collaborate with me. Thanks also to them, because without them none of this would have been possible.

💖Inês Leite Rocha