Joy, Love, Happy, Together, One, Life. Six core elements embedded in babywearing to spread tiny pieces of magical attachment through a unique “language of love”: Morse Code!

We all have those precious moments when we spend endless hours staring at our little treasures, in awe of the miracle we have created.

The bond shared between a parent and a child is inexhaustible and everyone knows that this close-knit, unbreakable connection starts with two-way communication between mama and lil’ squish, while being in the womb, surrounded by sweet, muffled sounds and gentle baby bump massages.

Infused with the novel, cutting-edge features of our latest innovation in babywearing ISARA The ONE, Morse code is a love language, created to embody all the feels and gushes your heart may store. Communicate your love through a dot and dash, carrying the world in your arms!

Toting your love all day long has never looked so special! ISARA Morse Code has become the babywearing language coordinator, with a hug-me-close manner of expressing love, so quintessential for strengthening your family bond.

ISARA Morse Code is a series of dots and dashes that conveys love in a discrete and intimate way, allowing you to express and share endless love with open arms and infinite freedom.

Every child is born to seek love, the preset function of humanity and fundamentally understand its meaning, cradled in the knowledge of your presence. Sometimes love is truly uninterpretable by the one who hears, sees or wears it, therefore ISARA Morse Code encompasses the true power of love, a stronger and far more meaningful bond, that can be only deciphered with pure love.

P.S. How do we express our love these days?

If you haven’t already known, there are 5 different ways or love languages in which people frequently communicate and perceive emotional love: Words of affirmation, Acts of service, Receiving gifts, Quality time and Physical touch.

 ISARA deciphers Love with MORSE CODE!