Dear lovelies, 
Whatever you’re looking for in terms of babywearing and its amazing benefits, we have it all written down in our Weekly Retrospective. Parenthood gets better and definitely easier while babywearing together with ISARA.
🤗Welcome to Parenthood. It’s not easy to be a good parent these days with all the daily grind and let’s be honest it can be too overwhelming sometimes. Downtime is harder to come by and your emotional well-being as a parent may be shaken,  and there’s no shame in admitting that. We all have our ups and downs as parents, and we all know that confidence in our parenting abilities is the key. That’s where babywearing comes in. Babywearing will allow you to get chores and errands done easier and faster, promoting a happier and healthier life for you as a parent but also for your children.

💡Did you know that wearing your little one can enhance the mother-baby communication bond? Carrying your angels into your arms, connected through skin-to-skin contact will provide you with the perfect opportunity of learning their hunger signals, signs of distress or tiredness. Boost your maternal confidence mama and keep your little treasure safe and comfy!
  • Nursing Advice. ISARA THE ONE!
          Who doesn’t enjoy some mama friendly advice? Whether you’re already breastfeeding or soon to nurse, here are three tips to enjoy breastfeeding while babywearing in ISARA The ONE.
  ✔️ Simply release the fit-for-you adjuster and make feeding on the go discreet and snug!
  ✔️ Easily loosen the strap transformer and lower your baby down to the breast level, making sure your little one is latched on correctly without blocking the airways.
✔️ Use your other hand to help you support your breast so that your baby is properly latched on.
  ✔️Lean forward while supporting your baby with one hand. Once your little one starts
nursing, tighten the strap transformer to make your baby more comfy and secure.
   Practice, practice and you’ll master the ropes of babywearing in no time!
  • Close to your heart!
Wearing your baby can help stabilize the baby’s heart rate, breathing, and temperature. You will love the extra snuggles, so of course, you’ll be more than happy to carry your little ones around, always in tune with their rhythm. Nurture a deep and lasting bond with your children through babywearing! Keep them close!

  • Wearing your baby stimulates brain development!
When your little one rides in a sling, there is constant movement, different colors everywhere, social interactions between caregivers and other people while feeling secure close to mom’s or dad’s chest. This stimulation has a profound effect on your baby’s brain development and core musculature while enhancing the ability to regulate his own physical responses.
    Keep your babies close, where they are safe and loved!  Nurture your child’s development!
  •  Natural Hip Development: Babywearing Benefits
Did you know that proper hip position while babywearing can be beneficial especially for the growth and development of the child’s hips? ISARA’s ergonomic baby carriers, designed adjustable since 2013, provide an optimal M-shape position known as The Spread Squat Position of the hip joints with the thighs properly supported all the way to the knees which are held slightly higher than the bottom.
  P.S. ISARA baby carriers are hip healthy products certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  
 ❣️Embrace the cuddles!
                XOXO, ISARA