Love in Perpetuity

                         ISARA. The full circle of life

    Have you ever wondered what is the meaning behind our brand name ISARA? Well, wonder no more. ISARA founder and certified babywearing consultant, stumbled upon the name while reading about nurturing closeness and the soothing feeling of being close to mommy or daddy’s heartbeat. ISARA in the Filipino (Tagalog) language means “close”,  evoking the wonderful journey of parenthood, experienced as ONE-togetherness, a bond of love interwoven for a lifetime. We embarked on a close to your heart, “growing together” adventure, to deliver the sweetest hugs with an endless supply of cuddles and a dash of innovation. “Close”, we discover what true love really means.

Moreover,  ISARA’s logo contains 2 semi-circles. The green semi-circle portrays the back of a child in a sling while the pink semi-circle envisages a mother’s nurturing arms. We couldn’t have designed a cuter logo!!! It radiates pure bliss!

Now, let’s take a dive into the story of our packaging logo. Did you notice the fresh newly grown branches that curl around the older ones? Just like branches in a tree, families need a solid foundation to allow the growth of leaves and sprouts. I’m sure we can all agree upon that.

What is the beauty of our perpetual growth though? The fascinating thing about our logo design lies in the fact that all families have deep roots, that they are grounded. Even though the roots are not obvious or visible to the eye, growth spurts and spreads out from the ultimate expression of life: LOVE. Starting in early childhood, parents offer emotional sustenance to their newbie branches, they nourish the bond through heart to heart snuggles and affection.

Parents cultivate and infuse growth by watering the sapling with love and solid values, anchoring future generations with a deep-rooted connection, based on support and solidity. We can assure you that even through stormy weather, the branches won’t sway. They will stand strong, in a circle of love,  facing whatever comes in their way. That’s what family is all about! Love in Perpetuity. A family relationship grows ad infinitum, bearing a taste for eternal attachment.

Growing together comes around full circle: The deeper the bond, the greener the branches. Hence why we’re always using the circles on our platforms. Just in case you’ve ever wondered why we’re using lots of circles in our materials.