The “dissection” of a woven wrap DIAMONDA

🌿Probably you’re wondering why did I “willingly” accept to go through a long process of painful technical testing? Well, it took some effort and a lot of convincing to get me to accept ISARA’s proposal. I honestly thought I was being filmed for a reality show and there’s a hidden camera somewhere around the room. I, the most cherished woven wrap in the world, had to undergo mechanical and chemical testing? Truth be told, I couldn’t contain my emotions….. I burst into the loudest laughter. What made me say yes, though? I was promised to become the main pattern of ISARA The ONE. How could I have said no to that? I was going to be in the spotlight, beaming with happiness and receiving blissful cuddles! But more importantly, I will prove to all my sweet children and loving parents that I’m worth thousands of heart-warming snuggles.

Just because I’m the 💎 shiniest 100% organic woven wrap Diamonda that doesn’t mean I cannot handle a couple of stretching here and there. Right?

Next day, I called up my buddy Ring Sling and I politely asked him to join me, leaving out some of the general characteristics of our company’s safety testing.  Which is exactly why it intrigued him.

On a lovely spring day, we arrived at the testing center. I’m not gonna lie that I was all giggles. Ring Sling was more or less excited; he’s the type of sling that can survive even the most excessive drool. Long story short, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m strong as an oak, ready to withstand the most difficult mechanical tests. Both Ring Sling and I were tested for chemical hazard, choking and ingestion, entanglement and suffocation hazard. The list does not stop here. The researchers checked us for banned dyes and colorfastness to saliva and perspiration.  All tests passed!!!!

Why did I even made a big fuss about this? Apparently, I am literally rocking! Well, ring sling too (had to include his name in case he stumbles upon this piece of writing. I’m still the best though).

So grateful and eternally indebted to ISARA for giving me life! They made me tough enough to become the greatest companion in all your babywearing adventures, for a lifetime. Choose the organic, sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

🌻 Flooding a well of sheer coziness and serenity for all my future angels! I cannot wait to hold you close, in safety and blissful cheerfulness. You’re safe in my arms all wrapped up in magical stardust.

  Safety comes first!

Did you think I won’t show you any proof of our incredible testing experience? I’m obliged to, by law 😀 Just kidding ( hi hi).

Here’s me going through a so-called dynamic load test. Just making sure I won’t tear or present any seam malfunction when I’m carrying your little one.

Phew! I can finally breathe…. They made me go through some really hard tests !!!! It’s safe to say you can chew me, drool all over me, sweat profusely but most importantly  snuggle all day long! Oh, how I long for collecting sweet memories!

My friend, Ring Sling bravely taking the static test, showing off he’s not that easy to be torn apart. So proud of him!

How did we celebrate our victory against chemical and mechanical testing?

My friends and I celebrate this victory every single day, by honouring parents and sweet angels all over the world! We care to carry! 💓Growing together is what we stand for. Babywearing is our mission!