“…I found all the lovely features that make this carrier so adjustable. Having been created by a babywearing consultant you can tell that first hand babywearing experience has gone into the design. The panel size can be adjusted both width and height wise, allowing you to tailor the carrier for your child’s size to carry them in the desired ‘M’ position. Where the panel attaches to the waist band there are hidden velcro strips which allow you to decrease the width of the panel and secure it in place. This way you can provide knee to knee support for a range of different aged children. ISARA state the carrier can be used from around 10 months and 8kg, although I easily cinched the waist small enough for a 3 month sized demo doll. And with the panel at its full width, 19-month-old Reu still has space to grow so I’m sure this carrier would provide several years worth of use to a family, especially one with differently aged children to carry. I measured the panel width at 8 inches at the smallest and 17 inches at the widest, showing just how versatile this carrier can be. The height of the panel can also be adjusted using the clips at the top of the panel, with a variance of about 3 inches, so you can make it smaller for smaller children or if your older children want to have their arms out. The panel also has lovely seat darts which make it really easy to get a good seat and get the child into a comfortable position to be carried in…”


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ISARA wrap conversion carrier review