Is the Toy Carrier an important asset in a family with 1 or more than 1 children? Yes! Is it something they can learn from? Also Yes!

So what is in fact a toy carrier?

A toy carrier is a pint size adjustable replica of a baby carrier, designed for carrying a toy/doll. It is tested to fit children starting 7mo, until 10 yo and beyond, but it is so versatile that can be adjusted to fit even adult models, too! ( for doll wearing, not babywearing, of course :))

Why has it become an important asset in a babywearing family?

All that children want is to be just like their parents, have what their parents are having and do what their parents are doing. That’s where the toy carrier comes into play!

A toy carrier is essential in every kind of family you can think of. If your baby is an only child, wearing its favorite toy in a toy carrier, just like it used to be carried by its parents, makes it feel proud and important, boosting its confidence. It also carries a lot of benefits in families with siblings, where the little one gets to be carried by their parents and the bigger ones get to carry their favorite toys. No matter the dynamic of your family, the toy carrier plays an important role, and it will be the centerpiece of every walk and activity where love gets to be carried around!

Moreover, just think of what the’re playing with and the kind of unstructured plays he gets involved into: toy set for serving and preparing food, a baby doll that can even cry or say ”mama”, a jewelry-making set, a toy car, a set for construction, a lab replica and the list can go on if we just string everyday grown-up activities one by one. They want to be just like you, now they have the possibility to be just like that!

You may think that only girls will want to wear their toys. Well, it’s not true. You won’t be surprised to hear that boys also have favorite toys, even if it comes in the form of a car! Who says that cars cannot be worn? Babywearing is for everyone, and it’s beautiful that they get to see it from an early age!

And the most important question, what will your child learn from carrying his toy?

By cuddling with its toy everywhere it goes, the child gets a sense of fulfillment and a boost of confidence to explore all the world’s challenges, as they have a token of love everywhere it goes, by their side! Once the child gets the chance to take care and be responsible for its favorite toy everywhere it goes, the feeling of responsibility also develops beautifully!

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