Over the years, we have met so many wonderful people, whether they were babywearing consultants, or simply babywearing enthusiasts, all of them taught us something and we cherish all the bonds and friendships we created with them.

We decided to ask them a few questions about their babywearing journey, and they happily joined.

Tsvetomira is a “veteran” ISARA friend, she`s always been very close and dear to us. A strong, outdoor mother to 3 wonderful children, a freelance biologist in love with nature, and a birth doula, Tsvetomira is a specialist when it comes to babywearing. Not only because she`s a certified babywearing consultant, but she also has the best experience with it, having worn all of her 3 children over the years.

It`s always a pleasure to receive her feedback and this interview with her, though short, brought a smile on our faces.


ISARA: How did your babywearing adventure start?

TSVETOMIRA:ย It started with my first son Nikola in the summer of 2013. But actually a little earlier when I was getting informed about Babywearing and stuff.

I: What kind of carrier did you use as a beginner?

T:ย I got a ring Sling first, a woven and stretchy at the same time, and rotated them for six months and then got a full buckle.

I: How did you hear about ISARA and what was your first impression of the brand?

T:ย I found It by random search on baby carriers on Google in 2016 and then I entered a test tour and got One for myself. This was the first wrap conversion I ever tried and fell in love with its comfort and softness.

I:ย Which ISARA carriers have you tested so far? Which one you liked the most and why?

T:ย Oh, all of them but the Quick full buckle. The Trendsetter, The One, Quick Half buckle, ring slings, and woven wraps. I love the One mostly.

I: What would the perfect carrier look like?

T: Adjustable, soft waistband, and nice wrap to made of.

I: How do you see the babywearing in the future?

T: More and more innovations and I hope less facing forward ๐Ÿคฃ

Dear Tsvetomira, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it`s always a pleasure!