“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
― Honoré de Balzac


It`s in our genes: as human beings, we always need to be in contact with other people. And though solitude may be fine at times, when imposed for a longer period, it could damage us.

I couldn`t have imagined that such a crisis would hit us, and this crisis would keep so many people apart and for so long. The imposed social distancing we`re facing these days took us by surprise and, though we can adapt to many social situations, adapting to a non-social life seems hard.

Explaining to the children why we need to stay apart from each other and the fact that we didn`t have an answer to the “When will this end?” question, was a difficult part because we were still searching for an answer to ourselves.

We got used to being around each other all day long, we reconfigured many habits and schedules. Not all of them were gladly accepted but still needed to be done. And though we discovered again that playing with the kids is fun, or that we manage to read books we didn`t have the chance to read in the daily routine before the virus, we appreciated the time to watch a movie, the most important link in this chain was missing: socializing. We miss all the activities, the meetings, and the long talks.

💗 I decided that when the restrictions are no longer an issue, my first thing would be to meet with my parents. We`ve seen each other through video calls constantly, but they still cry when they see us and their grandchildren, knowing we are living so close to each other, yet we cannot visit them.

💗  During this lockdown, some of my closest friends grew their bellies in pregnancy, others gave birth to their babies. I  can`t wait to see them and get to hug them for real not just through some emojis on WhatsApp.

💗 I will take my long walks, eating ice cream, while I watch my children playing or even fighting with other children at the playground…and I`ll enjoy it.

💗 We`re going to make holiday plans again, even if it means that we will only travel on short distances at the beginning… I do not mind, as long as I have the freedom to do so.

💗 My friends and I will plan a weekend to relax in the nature and share the whole lockdown experience, this will be good for our brains.

💗 I will finally get to take the kids outside and leave the TV, and other gadgets behind.

Thank you, internet, you are awesome but I can`t wait to break up with you for a while.

I`m fed up with positive vibes transmitted over Facebook, I want to take mine directly from the source – my loved ones.

I want to wear a smile when I go out, instead of a protective mask.

I want to give long hugs to my family and not just wave to them in front of the camera.

What will you plan to do when the lockdown is over?