🤗 We are all facing difficult times, now with the outburst of the coronavirus crisis. Our jobs have moved at home, we and our children have to spend most of our time indoors. Let’s see how babywearing can help us not feeling overwhelmed when staying at home, juggling with a lot of things at once!

When you have a small baby, closeness is important whether you’re at home or outside. When we can’t offer the sky, the trees, the sound of the birds outside, offering our angels the warmth and safety of our bodies and the love in our hearts becomes even more important.

Putting babies to sleep is a challenging task even when we are able to take our babies outside. Breathing fresh, strong air and interacting with the environment outside gets them tired and they sleep more easily. Keeping our child close to our heart regulates their temperature and heartbeats, thus soothing them slowly till they fall asleep. A babycarrier is your friend in need!

Doing errands when your child needs your attention is not a small thing and here is where babywearing comes in handy!

We all need to wash the dishes and exactly at that moment our baby cries or gets bored and starts buzzing around. If front carrying seems difficult when dealing with water, back carrying is a great option.

Preparing the food is also something we need to do, so babywearing comes in handy, as long as we don’t use the stove or we don’t have something sharp in our hands.

We all know how hard it is to watch the mess in the house and not being able to attend to it because your baby needs to stay close to you. A carrier is a blessing when we need to clean around the house, we can front carry, back carry or even hip carry while gathering the things laying around, swiping a bit or whatever we need to clean, as long as we use natural products:)

Working from home is hard because we need to focus, talk on the phone or use the laptop and we can’t leave the baby alone while attending to our task. Even if we sit on our desk, the fact that we carry our baby lets him know we are always by his side and he feels secure and loved. For some of us, sitting down baywearing doesn’t work as good as sitting up, so we can try putting our laptop on the counter, swaying a bit while keeping your baby close. It works like a charm!

When having two or more children, they sometimes get hungry at the same time and you need to feed one with the spoon, while breastfeeding the other in the carrier. Eating together has become even more fun!

Babywearing at home is also about having fun with our baby, enjoying the closeness and creating great memories while staying indoors! We can try putting on some great music, dance and sing with our baby close to our heart! We can triple the fun if we have other children that dance while they babywear their toy in a funny toy carrier!

Sometimes circumstances are challenging, but it’s up to us what we make out of them. Stay home, stay safe, and most importantly, let’s find ways to make staying at home a pleasant experience for all of us!