Mothers all over the world were celebrated last month and I just think that no celebration whatsoever could ever be rewarding enough to all the hard work and sacrifices they are making (even though we are having fun, too).

So, here’s to you, wonderful beings, may you live long and get your crafty hands and minds and souls always be appreciated for their true value!
This week was so much about moms, that it only came naturally to me to think: hey, how about the fathers? Only to find out that, actually the last day of the week was dedicated to the fathers, the number one supporter of a mom.

That man that held your head in the bathroom when nausea kicked in when you got pregnant. The one who was so uncomfortable at the monthly ObGyn checking, but, still, never missed one of them. The one who laced your shoes when your belly was so big that you had forgotten you even had knees. That man who encouraged you every time you felt useless. That man who wished he were in your shoes during labor (no you don’t) just to ease a bit the pain. The one who reminded you during labor of the breathing techniques he’d learned with you at Lamaze. That man who cried along with you when you held your baby for the first time. The one who wished that the baby came with the instructions booklet, so he can know, just like you, what to do whenever the baby cries, but still, figures out hilarious ways to soothe him. The one who understands so well your exhaustion, that, at night, when the baby wakes up for breastfeeding, he’s just uncovering you and latches baby on, so that you can enjoy further your deep sleep. That man who seems so clumsy near all your baby daughter’s dolls, but is having so much fun drinking tea with her from pink, small cups. The one who looks better than you while babywearing (let’s admit that) and he’s so proud of that. It’s the man who, despite his lack of maternal instinct, has built the best friendship with his baby, and you can see that in the eyes of the little one.

Let’s give them all the credit for doing their best in this crazy job called parenting. This is to you, dads all over the world! You make motherhood and childhood awesome!