You wear your baby even before he is born. Right after the conception, he starts to develop in an environment where he feels safe and all their needs are satisfied naturally. The moment the baby is born, the new world full with new stimulus can be overwhelming.

Wearing your baby right after he is born can make the transition to the new world seem easier, and all along with the closeness that babywearing provides, it comes with a lot of benefits regarding development, not only emotional but also physical.

Baby’s benefits

Babies that are worn are calmer and cry less

Babies are not born with a set of emotional self-regulation abilities, and their first way of expressing their dissatisfaction is crying. But what do we do when we don`t know why they cry? We all know that finding out why they cry can be a challenge, and when you are emotionally distressed, challenges are the last thing you want to do.

Babywearing can help you a lot because when you do so, the strong bond that it is created helps you know him better, and in this way, you can prevent similar situations.

For example, the distress caused by a wet diaper will have as a consequence babies` crying. The parent, careful about his needs, wanting to eliminate the cause of distress, will change the diaper. The baby will associate crying with the resolve of any problem, and every time something disturbs him, he will cry. When you wear your baby, you feel by his nonverbal gestures that something is happening, and you can act before that something makes him cry. It is proved the fact that 43% of the babies that are worn cry less, and this happens because of the fact that he learns to express his needs by his nonverbal language not by crying.

Worn babies interact easier

Because of the position close to his mother, the baby perceives sounds more intense and clearer, leading to the optimization of language. Also, wearing your baby contributes significantly in increasing the capacity of understanding and express emotions ( the core of emotional self-regulation), because of being directly exposed to a multitude of emotions manifested.

Worn babies have more self-confidence

So, the baby that is worn is calmer, and in time, strengthened by the unconditional presence of his mother, his self-confidence grows and he starts exploring the world without fear.

He is also more relaxed, and he becomes more focused on the stimulus around him because he is not always searching for something that might threaten his safety. Just think about how much you enjoy as an adult walking on a quiet street, on a calm atmosphere, comparing to a very busy, noisy and circulated by cars street.

The baby that is worn in an ergonomic system has a correct physical development

The ergonomic carriers favor the normal growth of the physiological curves of the spine ( cervical lordosis, dorsal kyphosis, and lumbar lordosis ) and keep baby’s legs bent and spread apart, a position recommended for the prevention and treatment of hip dysplasia.

Wearing baby in the right position combats congenital hip subluxation and sprains, especially of girls, by allowing the newborn to stay in M position, in which the head of the femur is covered more than 2/3 of the acetabulum of the hip bone.

Moreover, children diagnosed with congenitally dislocated hips, after the expiration expiry of time of holding the hips corrective orthosis thighs ( thighs apart ), it is recommended to be worn in a wrap or other carriers, with a wide base of support, which favors the abduction of the thighs.

The benefits of the parent

Given that life today involves climbing stairs, using buses, walk through crowded shops with a full shopping cart to be pushed up to the cash register, using a carrier, not a troller can simplify your life. Besides the countless benefits that babywearing provides, the freedom that it gives you while having your baby close is priceless.

On the other hand, breastfeeding becomes much simpler. You will not have to worry when you can not be withdrawn in a room in which to have privacy! Babywearing allows you to breastfeed in the most discreet way possible. Also, immediately after breastfeeding, your baby can sleep quietly, and you can continue your activities. Also, peace of mind that all these benefits of a baby carrier give influences the mother’s hormones in a positive way.

ISARA’s benefits compared to other systems

In a world where you can choose from a wide range of carriers, why choosing ISARA?

The answer is simple:

ISARA was created after intense specialized briefings.

It was created by o dedicated mommy, that took part in the whole process of creation of the product, in order to take it to the maximum level of optimization so that the babies and parents needs are fully satisfied.

Wanting to create a complete product from all points of view, the development of the carrier began by doing one of the most prestigious schools Babywearing UK, School of Babywearing UK, using knowledge learned for product creation. She also studied and advanced course of German Babywearing school, Die Trageschule Dresden, pushed by the desire to gather the most powerful information and knowledge in order to offer ISARA`s clients everything that is best.

Her studies at the School of Babywearing helped her create an evolutionary carrier recognized for adjustability and versatility. Growing together, ISARA`s slogan captures exactly this; ISARA grows along with your baby, adjusting it according to your needs so that you invest in one product that accompanies you for a long time.

The baby can be worn in three different positions: front, back, and side. Straps can be placed in parallel or cross. It can also be easily adapted to breastfeeding.

The fabrics that were used are high quality and are tested in order to meet European Standards and US Standards.

ISARA has a feature of adjustability to parents` and babies` needs.

A large amount of investment in testing the materials to meet the European and US level were made to ensure that the quality complies to the smallest detail, from fabrics to the buckles and straps.

The fabrics were carefully selected and the offer includes 100% organic cotton, with GOTS certificate (used in full wrap conversion SSC in collaboration with Colimacon & Cie) , 100% organic cotton and 100% cotton.

The strap is premium quality, specially woven for us, and does not unravel.

Buckles and Velcro used are also highest quality products, prestigious brands, being recognized even in the automotive industry for reliability and endurance.

The palette of colors and designs is attractive.
There is a great variety of designs, from conventional to funky, and each model comes in two different sizes, standard, and toddler. All this opens a wide range of options. ISARA also provides its clients are accessories for the carriers and winter protection.

The attention to details make ISARA products be complete and superior to other similar products, and the positive energy that was involved in the whole production process cause them to bring peace in the lives of all those who use them. ISARA also Comes With a lot of sleepy dust! 🙂