Contemporary Style meets Glamourous Tradition

A dream come true!

The Traditional Collection by ISARA represents the perfect blend of modern premium quality with traditional handmade embroidement.

The result is nothing short of STUNNING: ISARA full wrap conversion Transylvanian Mountains and ISARA full wrap conversion Transylvanian Forest, are both a piece of art and glamour, representing the soul of Transylvania!


It is a dream come true, born from the strong desire to keep the tradition alive, leaving to our children one of Transylvania`s most beautiful arts , the art of embroidery, present within Romania`s heart since 14th century.


A labor of love...

Behind the scenes, in the fairytale land of Transylvania, keeping this traditional art alive, there are four grannies who hand embroided EVERY panel, stitch by stitch. 

One day at a time.

One carrier a day.

A true labor of love, a dream come true that took more than 2 years to accomplish!



In Romania, the widespread craft was handed down from generation to generation, using distinctive family patterns along with those specific to different regions. Many women weave and embroider from childhood through old age.  Some textile weavers and embroiderers still raise animals and process their own fibers in order to customize almost every cloth item in their homes; towels, draperies, bedspreads, rugs, wall hangings, clothing and even furniture. Most common fibers are wool, cotton and linen. These textiles still hold important meaning in Romanian culture, in wedding ceremonies and at folk festivals.  

This collection is limited edition, because according to romanian habbits, village women are embroiding, sewing and weaving only during winter, while all the women from the village come together in some also called ”sittings”. During summer, they are all busy growing animales and doing field work, leaving the art of embroidering for the next winter season to come.   

This collection is the result of their whole winter work!

... and great symbols are involved in the heart of this creation!

Beautiful and meaningful colors come together: red cotton thread, symbolizing love, sewed harmoniously with black thread, symbol of elegance, mystery and charm, all placed on an organic woven material, clean and clear, just as the souls of our beautiful children.

Also, every detail of the embroidery hides a profound symbol, as it is not a geometric shape randomly selected.

They are truly magical, meant to bring luck and protection to the family and to the one that wears them.

All the motifs inspired by nature are a strong suggestion of wisdom and life, freshness and prosperity.

Even simple geometric shapes are meaningful: straight lines symbolize growing while the rhomb harmony, reconciliation and order. The beautiful round shapes are inspired by the cycle of  life and the feeling of completion. Other symbols often found are the so-called "hooks" that attract and embed the wealth. The spirals patterns that  embelish all the embroided details also have great spirituality such as enlightment and deep emotional connection. Of course, the crosses have a strong protective side for the ones that wear them.

All of them, together, are making a beautiful portratit of a positive metaphore for life. 

Contemporary Style meets Glamourous Tradition  

The Traditional Collection by ISARA is all about plaiting the traditional beauty with contemporary style . We are happy to leave as a hearitage to our children a beautiful  piece of Romanian tradition, with great hope that it will be carried on from generation to generation.

Contemporary Style meets Glamourous Tradition as many of these traditional Romanian designs have now become popular worldwide and are used by famous designers.

The babywearing world deserves a piece of this timeless 600 year old tradition, unchanged in colors and patterns since the 14th century!



The romanian culture and tradition is all about beauty...

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of United Kingdom, has a long standing interest in Romanian culture and tradition, and has visited the country regularly since his first visit in 1998. Meanwhile, he has become an ambassador of Transylvania, owning even a few restored houses in Transylvania. He is of a romanian heritage, and expresses his love for romanian tradition, untouched nature, high mountains, wild valleys and deep forests, everywhere he goes.


...and mistery!

Moreover, best known for Dracula, the Transylvanian region of Romania has rich history dating back over a thousand years.  A complex culture with Hungarian and German roots, Transylvania hosts a slew of of the most important cities in Romania, as well as some of the most well preserved Gothic style architecture (including “Bran Castle” or “Dracula’s Castle”).  Current day Romania is known around the world for the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, Dracula.  



So let`s give our babies the most beautiful romanian heritage, the Traditional Hand Embroided SSC Collection by ISARA!

We invite you to discover our beautiful Traditional Collection by ISARA and to choose your favorite pattern!

Thank you HerminaHeart for all your dedication in the making of the beautiful Traditional Collection. It was a pleasure, from start to finish, having you as a partner!


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